Stories of magic and fantasy. I hope you like them.

One day in a joke shop

You’ll never guess who came into my shop the other day. Only that artist bloke. You know, the one who did all those sketches that got stolen from that gallery.

The Blind Man’s Reply

“Poor man”, said the seeing woman, looking down at the blind beggar, “How terrible not to see the stars or the moon or the colours of the flowers”.

And Now, A Word From Our Sponsors

I can still remember the day that I first became aware of the many uses of that wonder material VIP.

Making The Leap (Flash Fiction)

Forgive me if this has been done before. It just occurred to me but it seems like an obvious idea so I'm sure that someones already done it.

The Map Girl – Part 1 (IP)

Azram Mazra, the great cartographer looked down at the map of Ormalu; the land that he had drawn out of blue and green cosmic inks and his gigantic but noble heart sank.

The Map Girl – Part 2 (IP)

“Oh, what now!”, whimpered the man in white as the strange, bright rainbow coloured ball of light appeared in the corner of his darkened cell and, growing larger and more intensely bright, began t

The Map Girl – Part 3 (IP)

Stepping off of the magical, travelling map, rolling it into a scroll and sliding it back inside her sky blue satchel, Mapella looked around with a mixture of trepidation and awe at the grim inner san

The Young Man and Summer

Once, the Summer fell in love with a young man and, so that she could be with him, she made herself into a woman but in her human form the man wanted nothing to do with her.

The Fussy Princess

Far away and long ago there lived a beautiful princess called Morvella and she had a lover; a young knight called Sir Paladon and, one day, Sir Paladon asked her, as he was kneeling before her,“Dear

At the Horticultural Show (Flash Fiction)

“And first prize for most interesting plant goes to...

The Last Magic Show

“It is real magic”.

The House Of Fear (Don’t worry, it has a happy ending )

“Don’t go to work please, Derek”, said Karen pleading with her husband as he was sipping on his tea and biting into his crumbling toast and marmalade.

Father Christmas (Flash Fiction)

“Ho,ho,ho”, said the man in the big, bushy white beard and the red Santa Clause suit lifting


It was Christmas day, I remember, when them two Mexicans came ridin’ into Bethlehem on their old mule and stopped at my pa’s door; a young man and woman I recollect and the woman looked like she w

Maxi – Mum

It’s really not easy being a superhero and a single mother of three kids (Charlie, whose 3; Kevin whose 6 and Sophie whose 7) especially when you have to hide your secret identity from everyone.

The Blanket Of Fog

But then a 14- year old cabin boy who had been on the ship went to talk to his friends

The Perfect Girlfriend

Writer's block has hit me hard but I hope this story is not too terrible.

The Scarecrow and The Man On The Cross

Once upon a time there was a scarecrow who stood in the middle of a field and every day, he observed, when bells rang, the farm workers would put down their tools and go off somewhere, for at least an


My name, I am getting used to the concept of a name, is Alex, from the first two letters of my identification number LX80.

A Big, Fat Case Of Murder

Another attempt at a detective/murder mystery story. Hope it's alright.

The Sunbeam

It was a glorious summer day and the sun was beaming down upon the whole world; opening gentle flowers with its golden fingertips; making the waters of lakes and rivers glisten and shine and warming t

The Man In The Golden Mask

No doubt you’ve heard of the famous ‘Man in the golden mask’ and how he mysteriously disappeared.

The Answer (Flash Fiction)

I wrote this for a competition (Write about the meaning of life in only 42 Words)but missed the deadline, sadly, so I'm posting it here.


How nice it was to see another human face after so long being alone; eyes, blue like cornflowers, soft skin and hair like silk thread, the colour of gold.

The Scourge of Horsetail

Without so much as an “I beg your pardon”, a horde of horsetail weeds stampedes the garden, spreading wee fascist forests everywhere till every inch is drenched in horsetail hair.

The Angel and The Oil Man

A rich oil baron was dying and the Angel of Death came to take him. “So will heaven be a paradise with fruit trees and birds and flowers and sparkling, clear water?”, he asked.

Competitive Dreaming

I remember the day Mark Lanson took me up to his house in Cornwall and showed me his trophies.

A story–

All afternoon, angels arrive at an American airport, astonishing atheists and agnostics alike.

Flash Fiction – The Perfect Murder

I told her we would have to make it look like a break in, so she would have to dress up as a burglar

The Dream of Water

The dazed man only laughed, “My friend

The Pinocchio Bomb

The bomb squad technician came out of the courthouse still wearing his blast suit and helmet, looking more like an astronaut than a police officer, with the disarmed device that had been found under t

The Worthless Gemstone

The diamond was worthless you see, although it was a genuine, flawless, 900 Carat diamond

Reverend Lovegood’s Automated Prayer Machine

If only the late Reverend Thomas Lovegood had had more faith he might be with us today but then we would never have had his marvellous invention.

The Real Thing (Flash Fiction)

I downloaded Delilah from the Interweb. My very own virtual girlfriend. "Terrific!", I thought. And she had everything I wanted in a woman; she was tall, beautiful, sophisticated and glamorous

The Surprising History of “The Jack in the Box” (IP)

Many of you are, no doubt, familiar with the popular children’s toy called the ‘Jack- in-the box’; many of you may even have owned one as a small child and felt the joy of winding up the handle

CCTV times – Flash Fiction

Camera 1 shows a peaceful summer garden; little birds hanging onto the bird feeder; pretty flowers waving to me in the breeze; a blue sky and a bright sun.

The Arena

All around me from the stands of the great oval Colosseum I could hear the frenzied crowd of two thousand spectators screaming and yelling as if gripped by some kind of wild mania but there was somet

The wolf in Shepherds clothing (A fable)

One day, a wolf who had heard the story of ‘The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’ had a bright idea.

A touch of magic

If you ever run your fingers, slowly, over a real unicorn’s horn, starting at the pointed tip and moving downwards, it feels cold and smooth and hard like a seashell or a china cup but also like a s

That sinking feeling

I’m usually a very peaceful man, you know that; one that wouldn’t normally ever think of hurting a fly, let alone doing it.

The Editor

The Population Editor looked down into the eyes of the little child sitting on the doorstep of her council house, collecting rainwater in a cracked, old jar; its chronoscopic third eye glowing bright

Touching the stars (Flash Fiction)

It was an enormous day. For the first time a blind person would see the stars, or rather he would feel them.

The Rich Man In Heaven

Those who have great love in their hearts; they are our wealthy

The Life Guard

Billy sat on some large mossy rocks and gazed out towards the wide glimmering, blue sea, at the little white triangular sails of distant boats.

Whilm and Wux

We are a species obsessed by whilm. Look under ‘W’ in the dictionary and you’ll find. ---------- Whilm – Adverb – 1.

A letter from Nazgod

04/06/97 Uncle Kamarind, dearest I have so much to tell you about my experiences living among the Parmarians in Nazgod that it is difficult to know exactly where to begin.

His Master’s Voice

One of the weirdest incidents I think I’ve ever dealt with, working for the Royal Dog Warden Association, happened a few years back in a little village near where I live.

The House Of Mr Owl

Thirteen portly pigs sat around a dining room table, dressed in their finest evening wear. All of them strangers to each other, with no notable similarities to each other

The Komondor

01/06/06 - MONDAY I hate this horrible, grey cubicle. I hate this horrible, grey job. I hate the horrible, dull, stupid, bitchy people who I have to work with. I hate having to phone


Floating across the wasteland came the siren song of the TV head. "You too can be famous! You too can be famous!", it said.

It Came To Pass... Part I

The nauseous odor of sulfur was the glassy fleshed pimp’s one abiding memory of ‘Firebrat’s Hollow’; the literal ‘underworld’ where Gallowglasswegian

A Strange Case Of Infidelity

There’d been a time, a long time ago, when Crayton West had wondered at the meaning of life; the summum bonum as they say on old Earth but this quest for meaning or the good life had not lasted long

The Thing From Beyond

“Great God’s beard! Kalek!

The Secret World Of Maurice Fitz

Being part of the Firm made you see the whole world a little differently from Joe Ordinary because you knew that nothing and no one, not even your own grandmother, could be trusted.

A Little Help

“I am the APRS5000,the latest, greatest thing in domestic appliances".

Tap, tap, tap

“Mummy, mummy!”, screamed Erica. “What is it this time?”, asked Erica’s mother, entering her little girls bedroom yawning; groggy from being woken out of a deep sleep.
Gold cherry

Under The Surface

“How very disappointing”, said Kolhak the hunter, a creature from the distant, tiny planet of Appelgarp 3, as he studied the geophys readings for Loch Ness

The Golliwog

Where was it? It was in her room somewhere? Wasn’t it?

In The Dark

What was that noise?! It sounded like a scream. Woke her up. Why was her head so woozy and why was it so cold in her bedroom? Had the heating broken down again?

The Smudge

I hope this story doesn't seem too implausible. A Woman notices a flaw in her beautiful home that turns out to be a fatal flaw.

She's Coming To Get You

Partly inspired by the Urban Myth "Bloody Mary". I tried to make it as horrible as possible. Happy Halloween to you all.

I gave birth to a teenage Zombie!

The police had told her never to let her daughter in the house at any time; that she was hooked on some kind of new drug called Zombadrine but which the drug addicts called “Zombie”.

Saucy (IP)

“Hi, my name is Saucy”. “Saucy? That’s an unusual name. Is your first name Tom, as in Tom-ato. R.O.F.L”.

The Bluebottle

A little,fat buzzing blue-bottle was constantly circumnavigating her and occasionally making a dart towards the sweet,brown contents of her sherry glass.

Day Of The Druids - A Horror Narrative Poem

Her dark dreams began in that old hotel on the Isle of Man; visions out of Hell.
Story of the week

No More Heroes

This was originally a straight fantasy story but I couldn't think how to end it so I tried to sex it up.

The Last Santa Clause

Hollywood action movie style, post-apocalyptic, Christmas Zombie story.

Cherry ripe! (IP)

I wanted a story which was stuffed with as many cherries as possible, and there are lots of cherries in this story.

The Santa Sanction

She had Christmas in her crosshairs; Santa in her sights.

The Object Of Desire

Dear Cynthia; You do not know me but I know you. I know you very well.

Money, dearest.

I was raised by a coin operated mother called Capitalism.

STARLORD– A Pulp/Boy’s Own Adventure Story

More He-Man than Conan, but I don't possess Robert E. Howard's writing skills.

A Mischievous Boy

Just got this story idea. I hope it works.

Ten For The Ten Commandments (IP)

This was a bit rushed off. More a comedy sketch than a short story. I hope no one takes offence.

Something Beginning With ‘G’

This seems like an obvious idea, so I'm hoping that it hasn't been done before.

Kaleg In The Wilderness

“Here come the locals”, thought Kaleg...

The Light Of The Living

“Oh but you do”, said the star, laughing like the chime of crystal bells, “You have a very bright light indeed!

Snow Kisses (IP)

“Let’s play snow kisses!”

The Other JFK

“Leah?!”, asked Jacob sitting up in bed with a start and seeing his wife Leah holding the barrel of a handgun inches from his face, “What the heck are you doing with that thing?”.

Addy’s Story (IP) - PART I – The Silence

This was written in a hurry and in a fake American accent by someone who's never been to America. I hope it's not too unconvincing.

It’s A Chemical Life

Troy had been seeing another woman; she’d known it for some time but somehow Alice just couldn’t feel angry or hurt about it.

Once Upon A Time In The Soviet Union (Flash Fiction)

Not a proper story, just something that popped into my head.

Chi Mai (Inspired By “Chi- Mai” by Ennio Morricone) Revised Ending

Started off as an IP but ended up as an ordinary story. Kind of like a Manga cartoon, I thought.

Let’s Start Again

A horror story told backwards. I really hope it works.

The borders of sleep (IP)

This story, which I submitted sometime ago (under the title 'The Chasm At The Edge Of My Dreams') but deleted, seems to fit the IP and so I'm resubmitting it under a new title.

(ICTP2) Incident At The Centre Of The Universe - Part 2

Alchemi knew all of Fassions flaws but he also knew that she posessed an iridescent soul,the scanning glass showed it up clearly: bright blue like a gas flame with flecks of violet and baroque swirls

(ICTP2) Incident At The Centre Of The Universe - Part 3

Trying his best not to stutter as he read from the floating teleprompter above his head.

(ICTP2) Incident At The Centre Of The Universe - Part 4

In the egg-box grey regolith of a miniature Sea of Tranquility, a lilliputian Buzz Aldrin rolled his camera excitedly as Neil Armstrong planted an unwavering Stars and Stripes firmly in the lunar sur

(ICTP2) Incident At The Centre Of The Universe - Part 5

“Time please gentlemen”, barked the diminuitive landlord of the Centre of The Universe Public house in a thick bristolian brogue.

(ICTP2) Incident At The Centre Of The Universe - Part 6

It was weird to be a ghost haunting oneself. She had just watched herself gestating inside an incubator, seen her infant breath steam up the glass and looked deep into her own newly opening eyes.

(ICTP2) Incident At The Centre Of The Universe - Part 7 - Last Part

It had been a funny sort of day to say the least; first the incident at “The Centre of the universe” and now discovering

Poor Alicia (IP)

Poor Alicia was beauty personified but the world of men was too greedy and grasping to let something of such beauty survive.

At The Darwin Day Dance

“Do you know what day it is today? Can anyone tell me?”, asked the science teacher, Mrs Winner, surveying her classroom of about 30 first year pupils.

Fear Of Flying (IP)

“Fear of flying is nothing to be embarrassed about, Mr Hawkman”, said Dr Goodwin, glancing down at his patients medical files, “It’s a very common fear”.
Story of the week

Super – Van (IP)

Sandra hated getting the late bus home from the college.

Drama Attempt : “Magic Moments” (IP)

Substitute "Talent" for "Power" and I think this fits the IP. Another attempt at drama which I'm not very good at but here goes.


Started out as an IP but turned into something else. Hope its ok.

The Conqueror - Part 1

The sun is bright and so warm against my skin

The Conqueror - Part 2

It is said that when Karzan the Conqueror was in the 7th decade of his life...

The Conqueror - Part 3

“You are as good a storyteller as any of the old men in the village”, I tell my brother.

The Football & The Vase

This is a story that I wrote when I was in my early teens (about 12-13). Might not be up to much but I thought I might give it a try.

Mr Money (IP)

Perhaps too scary for kids but with a happy ending.

The Tale Of A Tail (IP)

“A tail is an obscene organ”, said Aunt Agatha, a monkey who was anything but obscene in her long black lace dress and stiff, bell shaped crinoline

The Twenty-Four Hour Man (IP)

Clinging on desperately to life, you were the only thought in my mind; your voice telling me who I was, telling me my destiny.


What was going on? Why the heck couldn’t he feel his arms or his legs and why was his mother crying?

The Angels Of All Hallow's Eve

I apologize for any mistakes you find. This was written in a hurry to meet the Halloween deadline.

The Crimes Of Matthew Koby

“So what are you? Some kind of psychotherapist?”, asked Detective Humboldt, leaning across the interrogation room table and giving Ms Rosenblum a hard stare.

What happened To the Children of Tomorrow?

They thought that sending children might help; might tug at the heart strings; might make people listen. “From the mouths of babes”, that sort of thing.

Hey! (IP)

Hey, you! Over here! Yes, you!

Santa’s Sack – Part Two

The visitor’s centre was even more astounding than anything that the girls had already seen within that magical world.

Dr Brinstow’s Test

“I knew that it was only a matter of time before Scotland Yard came calling, Inspector”, said Dr Brinstow, showing the man in the grey trenchcoat and the uniformed constable accompanying him into

In defence of Heaven

It is assumed that a world without suffering would be boring. I think this might not necessarily be true.

A Merry Christmas Romance

Another attempt at Romance. Hope this one is a bit better than earlier efforts.

A Bear In Love

Romantic story, a bit like the 'Forever Friends' greeting cards, involving a bear husband and wife.

Out of the ashes (Flash Fiction)

Once, a group of Fascists who had occupied a small town built a fire to burn poetry and art and music and hurled upon it anything they could find in that town that was beautiful or inspired freedom bu

The stranger stranger

“The first time I saw him it was in the movie theatre. He sat down in the seat infront of me and his head was blocking my view of the screen.

The Tug Of War (Flash Fiction)

“I love you”, he said, “I can’t let you go”.

The 3 Useful Things – A Short Fairytale

Once upon a time a long time ago a poor old man, before he passed away, left his son all the things that he possessed in all world; a cup that would always leak; an old, bent whistle that would always

The Fabulous Tale Of Johnny Banjo

Once upon a time, in a land of riverboats and cotton fields, there was a boy named Johnny Banjo who loved to make music, whether with a fiddle or a washboard or a guitar or a harmonica, although the b

Souls Of The Eternal Lovers

Once there were two flowers; two red roses that bloomed side by side and they’d sway together in the wind and press their leaves together for they were very much in love but then a gardener came alo


Laura saw the door handle turn and Mark enter the room smiling. The door handle turned and Mark entered the room smiling. “Don’t say what?”, she...

The Rose Field

As we were walking through the rose field, the old man was telling me what he thought about life. “Life is hard, bleak and miserable and then we die...

Fallen Star- Fantasy Western (and Fallen Star: The Psychedelic Version)

Itchy finger tugged at trigger and cylinder turned, lining up chamber after chamber with a nine inch barrel, cocked hammer springing forward...
Gold cherry

The Fallen Angel

It was getting darker now but the man didn’t know if it was the sun going down or his own eyes growing dim. His blood was spilling out over the...

The Fate Of All Legends

Once upon a time, or so the old story goes, a young man had the courage and fortitude to slay a giant that was terrorizing a village and, when he...

The Monster Out Of Time

Lost extract from the diary of Samuel Pepys thought destroyed in The Great Fire Of London but saved and preserved by Chrononaut Frank Norman-...

The Black Flower and The Three Ghosts

*** The Black Flower *** All his life a young man searched for a black flower. People offered him blue and yellow and red and all other colours of...

Don't You know Me? (Plus "Flash Fiction - Werewolves")

Don’t You Know Me? The old fashioned bell above the door rang as the man came into Sheila’s card and gift shop. He was a handsome sort of chap,...

Deaf (Flash Fiction)

She calls him selfish; she calls him stupid and irresponsible as she reads his scribbled suicide note. It only has one sentence on it. “All you do is...

The Infernal Snore (Flash Fiction) (Deleted Stories)

Uggh. It was too much. Night after night; listening to the blocked drain gurgle; the creaking and groaning; spluttering and wheezing of her husband’s...

The Wager Between Love and War

Venus, getting into a quarrel with her husband Mars, once made a wager that she could beat him at war and, bellowing as loudly as a hundred cannons...

The Taste of Murder (Detective story)

Detective O’Reilly placed the bottle of milkshake down in front of Josh Kirby, a plastic straw sticking out of the end. “If you don’t mind, Mr Kirby...

The Crystal City (Flash Fiction)

There once was a city shaped like a star made out of shimmering crystal and it floated through space. It was beautiful. However, the inhabitants of...

The Parable of the Human Pyramid

There was once, a long time ago, in a distant and exotic land, a strange society that took the form of a human pyramid. At the bottom of the pyramid...


The Punch and Judy man was dead; dead as one of his wooden puppets; he was sure of it. He’d shot him himself; watched him choke on his own swazzle...

The Monk Sitting By The Side Of The Road

How many times had he been down this road? It was the same road; he was sure of that for he recognized the monk sitting by the side of the road who...

The Eagles in the Nest

There were once two young eagles in a nest; eagle chicks that were still so young that they couldn’t fly and their feathers were still white and not...

The Surprising Tale of Aunt Mathilda

One day, a little girl called Sophie, who lived in a cottage in the woods with her mother said to her mother, “I’d like to go and see Aunt Mathilda...

Lullaby Land - A Bedtime Story to encourage sleeping and happy dreaming

There is an island far away; far across the golden sea of dreaming called Lullabyland. But only dreamy eyed children ever reach this magical place...

The moon-men

He’d been standing watch for hours; his legs aching from crouching and from stumbling over shell shattered duckboards and wading through thick,...

The Drunk (Western Short Story)

The drunken man stumbled into Carville; he zig zagged across the centre of town, smelling as though he had just taken a bath in cheap whisky and...

Bill and Bertha (Science Fiction)

“Wow”, said Malcom, peering through the glass of an enormous dome at the whale sized, pulsating brain within, “Is that one of them?”. “It certainly...

The Legend of Lorridon

Turn your ears towards me, good people; gather round and hear what a tale I have to tell of a Hero among Heroes; a king among kings; one of the...

Which Doctor

“But I am the real Dr Marcus Derringer”, said Dr Derringer, a white coated particle physicist sitting down at a chair of a desk in his laboratory. “...

The Count and The Carpenter

Once there was a village carpenter and blacksmith called Pascal who received a mysterious visitor; a nobleman who called himself the Comte de Lupine...

The Better Wealth Beyond

Once a young man found a golden coin and he was going to pick it up when he heard a voice saying to him, “Forget about it. You shall have better...

The Sandmaiden

Long ago, in the great city of Samarkand, there lived the nephew of a camel merchant named Abul and Abuls wicked Uncle, named Zaffir, who wished to...

The Bird Called Inspiration

Once a man had been sitting, just day dreaming in his garden, in the sun when he saw a fabulous bird with feathers that glowed bright colours; orange...

The Creatures Upon the Web

“Oh what a miserable world this is”, buzzed the fly wrapped up in silk threads like a mummified pharaoh and hanging upon a spider’s web, “That I...

The Doppelganger

Once a man, named Frederick married a Doppelganger; a kind of Demon that slowly steals away a person’s identity. His close friends, Hans and Eric,...

The Last Battle

The Enemy appeared one morning in the early light of dawn. Their planes, wraith like and made out of shadow materialized in the skies and when their...


Somehow the time or space around the battle field had gotten warped. Somehow time was repeating itself again, he thought. “This is it, lads”, said...

Your Inheritance

“Here is your inheritance my child”, said the Father, proudly, to his son, “Britain. All of Great Britain is yours. Your birthright. England is yours...

The Sound Of Thunder

The man looked down at the flea standing in his palm, about to take a bite. “Stop that”, said the man. Startled, the flea looked round about him. “...

As Seen On TV

It was a momentous occasion, I remember, as most of my generation do, broadcast live on CBS as well as being watched by TV owners all across the...

The Extraordinary Tale Of Mr Topham

There was once, a very long time ago, a man named Mr Topham; Mr Henry Topham who had been blessed, from birth, with the extraordinary ability to...

The Balance

There was once a man; a very sad, lonely man; alone with visions that he could not show or explain to anyone; terrible visions of something called ‘...

The Fish and The Bicycle

Once upon a time; a fish and a bicycle (A Pike and a bike) fell in love. The fish's friends all warned her against getting involved with the bicycle...

The Labour Saving Device

“Good day, madam”, said the robot salesman at the door, beaming a broad neon smile, “Perhaps I could interest you in the latest Lotus E8R Labour...

The rainbow at the top of the hill

Once an old monk sent his young disciple to find a rainbow at the top of a hill. “When you find the rainbow at the top of the hill, you will find...

Malcom (Flash Fiction)

Malcom, a 9 year old boy with an IQ of 201 sighed and shook his head as he saw his mother; drunk again, taking yet another strange man into her room...

Jorogumo (Based on a Japanese folk monster)

Mr Akimoto; a Tokyo business executive awoke in the bed of his hotel room, his wrists and ankles bound to the bed by what he thought were manacles of...

The Necronauts (‘Ghost’ I.P.)

As the strange submarine like craft, piloted by her father, Doctor Orpheus, drifted through the ethereal plane; Karen saw the ghostly faces of undead...

The Matador

Senor Torres was awoken from his sleep with a start by a loud crashing sound from his living room. At first he thought burglars had broken into his...

The Ashanti Dagger

Lit by red flickering torchlight, the worshippers assembled in the clearing and then upon their goatskin drums, drummers began playing wild...

How men first learned to make fire (IP)

Fire was discovered a long time ago when people still lived in caves instead of houses. The beautiful, red haired daughter of the chief of a tribe of...


“Open the door, Tom”, said the thing speaking with the voice of Tom’s mother outside his bedroom door, “Now you’re just being silly. I’m your mother...

The Couple Next Door (IP)

Mr Martin banged upon the door of flat number 111. It was time, he thought, that he gave the couple in that flat a piece of his mind. He had had...

Cause and Consequence

There was once a young man, named Cause; an eternally young man who never lost his youthful dreams or his optimism but also never lost his arrogance...


Last night I had a peculiar dream or perhaps you might call it a nightmare, about numbers. I dreamt that all numbers became united by a mathematical...

The Princess and the Peasant Girl (A dialogue about the relativity of freedom and happiness)

Once upon a time, a pretty young Princess was abducted by an evil magician and locked in a tower for many long, lonely years. But then one day a...

The King of December

Once, whilst travelling abroad, I came upon a strange kingdom where time had become completely frozen; frozen in the middle of a snowy December day...

The three infidelities

A soldier went off to war and while he was fighting in the war his wife was unfaithful to him three times. The first time she was unfaithful to him,...

The Last New Year

Once there was an old woman who lived all alone in a little house. She had no children and her husband and all her relatives had long since passed on...

The Army of Time

I saw them marching past our village one day; the clockwork army of time, their arms swinging back and forth like pendulums as their goose-stepping...

The World In Slow Motion

My name is Wilfred Hay. I am 42 and live in Doncaster with my wife Susan and my daughter Cicely and I suffer from a rare neurological condition...

The Collector

My strange uncle Reginald once showed me a transparent box in which hung, as if suspended in mid-air, an odd tear-drop shaped and luminescent bead. “...

The fate of Utilityman (Relevant I think, given all the male celebrities found guilty of historical sex offences)

The superhero Utilityman is found guilty of historical sex offences against one woman and sentenced to be locked in a special re-enforced prison...

Black Logic (A fictional greek myth)

Legend has it that a greek Philosopher named Xylo; a student of Thales of Miletus was once asked by a King of Sparta to construct philosophical...

Dr Eaming, I presume

“However far you go”, said the voice, “You cannot move, because the universe is a dream. However far you go you never leave your head”. And so I got...

The Human Citadel

Rex Worth lifted the 500lb barbell over his head and then proceeded to twirl it and juggle it back and forth from hand to hand. “That’s amazing”,...

Now do you believe in Ghosts, Miss Chambers?

“Come on now, girls”, said Miss Chambers, a PE instructor to her 6 th form class, “This is ridiculous; out of your P.E. kits and into the showers”. “...


The green light flashed above Child Myshka’s work station and he felt the conditioned desire to start work again twitching in his every sinew like an...

Tales of Al-Thalab – The trickster thief of Samarkand/ Also: Al-Thalab’s Clever Gambling Trick

How Al-Thalab stole the Star of Samarkand Once there was a fabulous Sapphire called the Star of Samarkand that belonged to the Sultan of Samarkand...

Two Sisters

There were once two sisters, one older and one younger, and the older one it seemed was good at everything and so successful while the younger one...


“Oh my Christ”, said Commander Richmond of the United Earth Defence Force, looking around the steel belly of the spaceship that had landed upon Earth...

The Diploma

There was once a land where people had a very peculiar way of selecting a marriage partner. Men and Women in that land would attend, part time, a...

The Earthly Paradise

Once a three horned demon appeared before a man and said to him, “Be afraid mortal, for when you die your soul shall go to hell and there you shall...

The Tale Of The Returning Penny

There was once a man; a lazy, drunken rogue of a man named Thomas Corby who was always poor on account of constantly drinking or gambling away all...

The Sad Tale Of Queen Amethyst – Part 2 (A story I wrote when I was in secondary school, kind of far fetched)

The great banquet consisted of 20 stuffed roast swans, 10 fat suckling pigs, a hundred pidgeons eggs, two hundred gallons of wine and a hundred...

The Tool

Malmus, the chief Archaeologist of the Terra expedition took out the strange metal object he had found at the dig from the box and placed it upon the...

“An Illegal Thought”

“In the beginning there was the home computer, the PC and the internet and people were thrilled by the ability to type things into a search engine...

The Wereowl

God, what had happened to her brother Tom, she thought; his eyes were enormous, round and glaring. “You’ve got to go, Jennifer”, he told her, sitting...

The Butterfly And The Darkness

The darkness had consumed the whole world but it had left one small bright thing alive; a butterfly; not the most beautiful and bright of all...

The Procession

It is bright outside, the birds are twittering like childish laughter; the sun is bursting with light and the young boy is full of youth and vigour...

Captain Evil Tory

“The ship is too heavy captain”, said a frantic Bosun running onto the bridge of the H.M.S Britain, “There’s too much cargo in the hold; she won’t...

The Devestating Machine

The uniformed shooter squeezed down upon the trigger of his cornucopic machine gun and fired, the bullets in his amunition clip atomically...

In The Zone

Bang! He was in the Zone again, sleepwalking; what his psychiatrist, Dr. Hoeffler called an "Altered state of consciousness". "It’s that place in the...

The Heartstone

Once, long ago in a land far away; a cruel king ordered a master mason to design and build him a magnificent royal palace and, to begin with, the...

The Fly upon The Cobweb (A fable)

A housefly landed upon a cobweb once and mocked the spider that had built it. "Where are you now, old eight legs?", he buzzed, "Now all your silk is...

The Confession

(Scene - A living room in an apartment; evening. Max, an old M.I.5 agent sits in a chair centre stage, facing the audience. Enter Anatolia, a female...

The Fly in The Ointment

Mr Macsheen sighed as he floated 10 inches off of the ground, caught in his apartment blocks anti-gravity safety net. He had tried to throw himself...

The Blind Bowman

Rami was manacled to a wall, in the prison courtyard, opposite the blind bowman. It was not really a bowman, as some believed, but a mechanical...

The Rabbit Trick

Two steel cages stood upon the magic stage, side by side. In one was a man dressed in a top hat, white tie and tails. In the other was a white rabbit...

The Creatures

What were those creatures that had come to his home anyway ? Tiny little things, they had been, in little tin rockets that had come buzzing through...

The Haunted

Sophie lay still in bed and listened; she could hear the clock on her wall tick-tick-tick but there was something else, she thought, something in her...


I will not argue with my teacher and I will wear a poppy on Poppy day. I will not argue with my teacher and I will wear a poppy on Poppy day. I will...

The Universal Remote

"Thats one small step for man, one giant leap for... Click! ....and you're not with him, you'll regret it. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but...

The Christmas Excuse

Sally and Jamie; a little boy and girl of 5 and 6 came running excitedly into their mothers cramped little bedroom and sat upon her bed, bouncing on...

The Worlds Biggest Boycott

When the revolution happened, it was strange because it did not happen with guns or bombs. There were no molotov cocktails thrown and no bankers were...

Perpetual Motion

One day Martha's husband Percy had shown her a peculiar thing he had made in his woodshed, a form of mechanical toy that consisted of a hammer on a...

The Cage

"Let me out", squawked the black Minah bird in the cage hanging by the door, its head twitching left and right as it spoke, "Please, let me out"...

The Story Of The Ravens

Once some climbers were stranded on a hill top without food and they wondered how they could survive without breaking the terrible taboo of...

The Haunted Story by A. Witch

The haunted story. Thats a funny name for a storybook. It must be about a story thats haunted or a haunted book or something and A. Witch? Is that a...


No one knows for sure who the magician was; only that he called himself "The Great Howdini", that he rolled into town one day in a cockamamey wagon...

The Proveable World

My soul opens its stars and looks around. "Where am I?", I think, because, having no mouth of flesh, I can not speak. "Do we have to ask?", a thought...

The Robot Virus

Lucy was in the bath when the Liberator virus struck; a netborne computer virus created by Islamic terrorists that made every robot in the country go...

The Box of Pythagoras

Once upon a time, a terrible dragon, called a Dorgon was terrorizing the people of the greek island of Samos; it had seven fire breathing heads and...

The Things In The Air

Dear God, When I was four years old, I remember, I asked my father why we didn't say anything bad about The Great Leader, even in private. He took me...

The Object Of Desire

Commander Matheson, leader of the Planet Eris Expedition, took off the alien headset and put it down upon a golden table covered in strange brightly...

The Most Northerly Ice Cream Van in Britain

There is a cautionary tale told among mobile ice cream retailers; one that has been handed down from father to son for generations about a tragic...

Argus Awakes

Sarah looked out from under the parked car; the parked car under which she was hiding, at a nearby CCTV camera on a wall that was turning, with a...

The Dimensional Elevator

I was sitting in my old fold out lawn chair in my back garden just idly gazing up at the April sky and the clouds moving slowly overhead when a...

Age Of Biotech

Across the Ailurian desert plain rode Astaroth the bioknight on the back of a strange, four wheeled, biolectric driven and spiky tailed animal called...

The Star-Gypsy

Whirling down out of the glittering purple sky, in a colourful haze of energy came a rotating, wheel shaped space ship; the brightly painted Staravan...

Rear View Mirror

Once, it was on an ordinary bright summer day, a man was driving down the motorway, coming home from an out of town business meeting with a client...

The 4 boxes of Dr Fang

Good day, my name is Dr Fang and I wonder if you would be interested in seeing my 4 miraculous boxes. They were made centuries ago by a chinese...

The Art Detector

Miriam walked around her studio waving the strange, hand held electrical device and waiting for a bleep. She waved it over a watercolour landscape of...

The Silent Man

Tammy looked at the window of her living room that was smashed, sharp pieces of broken glass lying piled up on the window sill and scattered over her...

One More Step - Culture Fiction

My name is Tobor Vichia, I am 4 years old and I am from the region of Vwor which is in the Southeast of Boslovia, a region known for producing Xiana...

The Miser and The Honeybee

One Summer day a bee buzzed into the counting house of a miser and sat upon his table. And the miser, seeing the bee joked, "You and I are very alike...

A Tale Of Perpetual Motion

Once there lived, in a little village in Switzerland, a man named Cedric and his daughter Margiana and the man was an inventor. Unfortunately what...

Full Zeed Ahead

"I don't advise you to go travelling too far back into the past, Mrs Mitchener", said Mr McCrumb, an aging Time Pilot, turning some holographic dials...

The Ghostfield

Sheila and Susan looked out through the invisible ghostfield that surrounded and kept their house and yard in perpetual night, making a strange sort...

Tower of Darkness

Mitchell stood, looking out of his high rise office window at the place where the Remco building had once been and a tear plunged from his eye onto...

No Doubt About It

I recently had what I can only describe as a close encounter of the third kind with a being from another planet. I was driving home from the town...

The Golden Stag

In a distant land in an ancient time there lived a wizard king; the wizard of Gold and all in his kingdom was beautiful and all were loving and kind...

Mr MacJiggles Magical Store

Scene: MacJiggles Magical Store - Day - A shop counter with a cash register upon it and behind it shelves stacked with jars and boxes. Mr MacJiggle...

The Genie's Dilemma

Abu-Hassan; a gigantic, green skinned genie sat somewhere near to the end of infinity trying to work out a problem. Two thousand years ago a...

The Taiwanese Mystery Egg (Culture Fiction)

Someone showed me a lavishly painted and decorated porcelain egg the other day. They called it a Taiwanese Mystery Egg. They said to me, "I'll sell...

The Runaway Ghost -

A long time ago, in the southern state of Louisiana, when it was legal to own slaves, there was a female plantation owner named Meredith Scott who...

Journey (IP)

Across a thousand light years the spaceship stretched like an elastic band before snapping back to its original size a thousand light years away. At...

Progress and Tradition

Once there were two women called Tradition and Progress. And tradition loved a man, she clung onto the faith that he would love her too and never...

The Life Cleaner

There was once a man, named Wilfrid Briggs, who invented a "Life Cleaner"; a machine which, whenever he had an accident or made a mistake or broke...

The Knight Stellar

Through space the cyberknight, a brother of the order of the Knights Stellar, rode upon his robot winged horse Pegasoid; a man with a human head...

The Man Who Was Afraid Of The Moon

Once a girl named Celine married a man called Adolphus who was terribly afraid of the moon. He couldn't bear anything to do with it. If he saw a...

The Slowfield

Marko was running through the slow field that surrounded Strangeling penitentiary. Behind him he could hear Warden Phillips say to the guards, "Don't...

A Perfect Match

Karen Carson lay upon her back upon the roof of her apartment block, flying on Robodone, the slave drug; the legal, non-lethal but highly addictive...


The elephant charged towards the poachers, raising its trunk and roaring, revenge blazing in its eyes; revenge for all the brothers and sisters,...

The Land Where Dancing Was Forbidden

One day Linda, a 4 year old girl was sitting on the floor of her bedroom playing with her dolls making them dance together when her father came into...

Indira and the Dhole

Once, in India, there was a little girl named Indira who always wore a sari of green and, one afternoon, she was sent through the forest with cooked...

U. T. L. (Undetected Terrestrial Lifeform)

Suzy came into the living room and saw her mother sitting on the couch tinkering with a wierd, box like machine covered in flashing lights that was...

The Tall Tale Of Ramm Hammersen -Part One

There was once a very clumsy boy named Ramm Hammersen who, because he was an orphan, lived with his wicked aunt Inga and his three cruel cousins...

The Tall Tale Of Ramm Hammersen - Part Two

When Ramm Hammersen awoke, the Bridgettine nuns and the Jesuit priest revealed themselves to be his three cousins and the strongman Stromboli. "What...

The Tale Of Finnegan Rum

There was once a young boy called Finnegan Rum; a very naughty boy who was always getting up to mischief and giving cheek to his elders. But, inspite...

The House In The Woods - A Campfire Tale

There is an old campfire tale that I have often heard told about a traveller, travelling at night, who got lost in a mist in the woods. And while he...

Starship 109

Diary Entry 4/6/3102 According to Captain Granger, Starship 109's navigation system has been affected by a transmitted computer virus that was...

How the U.S. Election Effects Me

I'm not an American. I'm British and live in the U.K. but nonetheless what America does effects me. Most importantly, I feel, because Global Warming...

The Cold Heart

There was once a very wealthy man, a man called Mr Hobart who lived in a big mansion and every Christmas he would hold lavish and expensive parties...

One Moment In Time

Lieutenant Martin Rivers; temponaut for the National Temporalnautic Administration lay on his bed, looking nervously at the ceiling while, beside him...

The Werewolf In The Woods

Once, a hunter, while deep in the forest was attacked by a large, grey wolf. At first, coming home and having his wounds tended by his wife, he...

The Bandito's Choice

Once there was a bandit in Mexico; a very wicked man who, whenever he attacked and robbed a village with his gang would order one of the village...

The Monsters With Green Eyes (Parable inspired by a well-known logic puzzle)

Once upon a time a Witch came to a small village but because she was a witch people treated her badly; they scrawled "Witch go home" upon the wall of...

The City Machine

Along the travel cable Hogan moved in the form of crackling energy, whirling around its loops and bends, zig-zagging through the network of cables...

The Princess Beyond Space And Time (Space Opera)

Princess Ardolla pressed her hand flat against the window of her cell and felt the starless blackness outside. "There's no escape", she thought to...

In Memoriam

The virtual cathedral fading as its online congregation logged off and the secular service ended, an artificial mourner started to weep and the...

In The Realm Of Symbols - Abstract Fantasy

Within the realm of the abstract there are many strange things; ferocious ideas and symbols that even Mathematics professors have never seen. There...

The Man Who Changed The World

Little Sophie, a 7 year old girl, left her Aunt Jemima baking an apple and rhubarb pie in the kitchen and, entering the lab in the cellar where her...

Mr Morpheus 6: The Master Of War

General Zerl sat at a table, in his private quarters upon his starcruiser, controlling the robotic invasion of Earth on his computer screen like a...

The Travelling Dancer (Culture Fiction)

In old Armoria, there used to be travelling dancers, Merry Men they were called, who much like the travelling musicians in this country would wander...


"Stop it, Sophie, please", said Sophies Mother, standing in the doorway of her room, watching her infront of the mirror admiring her glittering steel...

In The Nick Of Time

Zarods rescue ship travelled through Time Time, faster than faster than light. Time Time was the time it took to travel between different time...


Markus sat upon a rock levitated by his own telekinesis and watched, through his psynoculars, the destruction of the two cities of the Mindland; the...

Shadowland (Experiment in soundtrack fiction)

shadowshadowshadowshadowshadowshadowshadowshadowshadowshadow A girl opens her eyes...

Imaginary Wood

I was going to give you some imaginary wood and so I had to pick up my imaginary axe and go along the imaginary road that leads up the imaginary hill...


Rebecca Weinstein, a psychology professor, lay gagged and bound to a bed in what looked like some kind of military bunker surrounded by the people in...

Something in the pipes (IP)

"I'm sorry, Miss", said the plumber to Jennifer, replacing the cover of the water tank of her upstairs toilet, "But it seems to be working fine". "...

The Paul Bunyan Of Space

Of all the tall tales told by space mariners, perhaps there's none taller than John Jet, the giant spaceman. They say he was just an ordinary sized...

A Visit To Labalan (Culture Fiction)

Zoboj Aunty Theba, I am writing to you, fortunately, from my hotel in Basnitchka, a western province of our neighbouring Labalan where I am taking my...

Parable: The Custody Battle

A man and woman were battling before a judge for custody of a child but the woman said, "I only care about the head. Forget about the rest". The man...

The Theresa May Virus

Did you hear on News24 what happened to the NHS is England? No, what? It was hit by the Theresa May Virus. What? Whats that? Its a virus that...

The Hole Truth

Frantically, Theresa May clung onto the edge of the large, deep hole with defence secretary Michael Fallon. "What is this big hole, Michael?", she...

Don't let them get away!

One day Mr Fat Cat and his friend Lord Piggington were walking down the street and, seeing some poor people up ahead, they started to use their canes...

Orseus and The Rose

Once a man, named Orseus offended Aphrodite and so the goddess cursed the man to fall in love with a single red rose. And the man did not think it...

The Power Of The People

There once was an evil witch named Theresa who had a money tree; a tree with banknotes for leaves, jewels for fruit and bark of gold and the money...

The Selfless Sphere

"Damn commie aliens", said the general, looking through the bullet proof glass of an underground laboratory at the object that, several weeks before...

Fields Of Wheat

"Oh I'm so naughty", said Theresa May, running through a field of wheat and giggling, "What would the farmer say if he caught me". But, just then,...

Proppe DUP

"No surrender", said Theresa May, balancing uneasily on the head of an ulsterman outside No 10, "I'm still strong and stable". She turned round to go...

A misunderstanding

"Theresa", said Donald Trump, speaking on the phone to Number 10, "Whats this I hear about you joining with the DUP?". "Well isn't that what you...

The Wish And The Curse

Once a poor man died and on his death bed, he gave his son, Marcozi the only two things he said he possessed which were a pocket knife and a single...

The Jigsaw Of Jodysseus

In a cell next to that of Sisyphus in the kingdom of Hades was locked an alchemist called Jodysseus who, as a punishment for his hubris, the Gods...


One day, it seemed, the clouds in the sky above New South Wales spelt out the words 'Hello. Its me' to hundreds of spectators. The next day, it was...

The Knight's Choice

A knight most noble; his name, Sir Percival, rode along the snaking path of the chalk white Mountain; his armour of silver and gold shimmering in the...

The Errorphobe

Once a man, named Tom, recieved a letter from his girlfriend in the post and, opening it, he started to read it. But the moment he started reading it...

The Living Room

Sandy stood infront of the door of the living room of her apartment feeling weak and confused. Every object in her room was speaking to her. It had...

The Self Driving Car

"Where are you taking me?", Robert Benson asked his self driving limousine irritably as it took the wrong turning on the autoway, "This isn't the way...

The Enchanted Man

One day I was helping my silver haired old neighbour Mr Carpenter* to move some boxes from his attic when, taking the lid off of an old tin that was...

An Incredible Journey (IP)

I am about to make an incredible journey, Ladies and Gentlemen. It has occurred to me that if I create a fictionalized version of myself then I exist...

A strange dream

A man once had a dream that he phoned up a dream analyst on the radio. "And whats your dream about?", asked the analyst. "Uh, I have this strange...

The Mirage

Star Sargeant Mann entered the ruined Alien city with his co-pilots Lieutenant Zena and Dr Donna. Far behind him he had left their crashed...

The Nog Of War

Timothy looked out of the window of his Nog proof shelter at the Nog or Nano-Fog which shrouded the entire landscape beyond the shelter and, he knew...

Last Day Day (Culture fiction)

Yesterday was Quasam or Last Day Day. Its a day that we Shohannah celebrate every year. Its also called "the day of false alarm" because it remembers...

Mr Artworld

Mr Artworld was presenting a BBC Arts documentary all about the Art of modern Totalitarian regimes. "In Soviet Russia", he said to the camera, "You...

The Cockerell Who Crowed At Night

Once a farmer bought a cockerell from a stranger but the cockerell would only crow at night and kept the farmer and his wife awake all night instead...

The Perfect Place

Once, a group of men went searching for a land of peace and tranquility. They searched for years, travelling the world until, finally, they came upon...

The Box Of Memories

"Its a magic box of memories", the man in the charity shop had said to Hannah, a 6 year old girl when she'd pointed to the ornate jeweled box on the...

The last walk

Once death came for a man and as they walked along the road leading from his house they passed a rainbow. "Wait", said the man to death, "I have not...

The man on the island

Once a man and boy lived on an island where they had both been shipwrecked. But the boy, seeing idols on the island left behind by a lost...

The Magician's House

Many centuries ago, in a far distant land a magician called Balthavar abducted a beautiful, young princess named Nepthalie and pouring potion upon...

The Robber And The Three Boxes

Long ago a man who was a robber came home to his wife, looking disturbed and unhappy. "Why, husband", she asked him, "What has happened to you?". "I...

Fake News

Did you see the news today? Apparently some hacker made a pirate television broadcast in the middle of BBC 24 hour news that used sophisticated CGI...

One New Years Eve

It was the 31st of December, 1900 when a very serious young man who was a successful accountant decided to stay in his office and work late into the...

Slower Than Light

It was a slow, hot summer day and Jill was out in the garden running about and playing when one, then two, then three strange creatures in space...

Solomon's Prisoner

Long ago, King Solomon ordered for one of his ministers to be arrested and thrown in prison with the common inmates. "But why?", asked the Minister...

STAR TRUMP: Badly going where no President has ever gone before

Captains Tweet, Stardate 6001. 2 Had a great day as Starfleet Captain. I'm doing a fantastic job. So important for Starfleet that I am captain...

Bud, bud, bud

Today I had a conversation with some of the locals. "Bud, bud, bud" , they said, "Thats how you talk. Thats how paki's talk". I tried to interest...

The voice in the Labyrinthe

AaaaRRRRRggggHHHGGGaaaaRRRRggggHHHHHrrrrrGGGGhhhhrrrrraaaRRRRRggggHHHGGG aaaaRRRRggggHHHHHrrrrrGGGGhhhhrrrrraaaRRRRRggggHHHGGGaaaaRRRRggggHHHHHrrrrr...

Bigger Than The Beatles

Jesus wrestled off a hysterical, screaming fan as he was pulled by his manager into the back of a car with dark windows. "Look", he said as he...

Journey To The Edge Of The Earth

"Any minute now", said Captain Chumley, skipper of the TruthSeekerOne and lifelong member of the Flat World Society as he and his scientific...

Better dead than drunk

"I'd like to buy a bottle of Vodka,please", asked Tommy. "Sorry son", said the liquor store owner, "But you're only 18 and I can't sell alcohol to...

The Rules Of The Game

Theresa: It was Colonel Mustard gas on the park bench with the novichok. I win. Jeremy: But aren't we supposed to look inside the envelope to see if...

Staying In

Mark stood by the open door of his house looking out into the yard in which a gardening robot was working, mowing the lawn. "Are you going outside...


Lucas Buck looked down at the gun on the sofa beside him. "Goddamn it soldier", said the voice of the sargeant in his head, "Are you going to follow...

The National Geographic Channel

(I sit down on couch and point remote controls at TV.) Me: Its great having smart TV. Now I can pick the programmes I want to watch. I wonder whats...

Sir Alan Sugar Joke

One day, Sir Alan Sugar was in his office when he heard people chanting in the street outside, "Oh, Jeremy Corbyn!" and hearing that made him so...

The Wicked Witch Of Westminster

Imagine if there was an evil witch ; a witch in leopard print shoes, that went around Britain stealing money. First she'd go to the police and while...

Super Jeremy

"Mugwump!", said the Boris, a strange fuzzy blonde creature, nervously pointing at the view screen of Theresa May's villainous lair deep under Number...

Russias New Secret Weapon

Somewhere in a secret location in Russia... Sergei: I have been working on developing new programme for decoding American military secrets. Would you...

The Revolution In Sparta

Long ago there was a country called Sparta where every citizen was required to join the army. The reason why every citizen was required to join the...