Deleted Stories

Stories that I deleted because they got a negative response.

The decoy and the bird (Deleted stories)

She was the most beautiful girl bird he had ever seen, with bright blue and yellow feathers and a perfectly proportioned little beak, perched upon the branch of a sycamore

A Flotilla Of Anti-Jubilee Writings (Deleted Stories)

What would fill my heart with jubilation? What would fill my heart with jubilation? To snap shut the divide between rich and poor.

Beautiful Music (A ragtime tune for Ukulele) (deleted stories)

1st Verse: I was sitting on a sandy seashore beneath the shade of a cocoanut tree when I met a hula – honey; she sure showed a lotta Honolulu to me. She was a girl with a ukulele;

Beyond The Wasteland : Sci-Fi/Rock Opera Story (Deleted Stories)

Shimmering emerald green; Mother Nature is our queen. Forest fortress for our friend we’ll defend her till the end.

The Veil Of Uncertainty (Deleted Stories)

All I had were worries and all I could picture in my mind was where I and my family might be a month or a year down the road.

Mr Meep 4 – Mr Beep (Deleted stories)

All day long, Mr Meep had been up in his room, building something; banging and sawing and drilling and making the most terrible racket.

On Rodin’s ‘Kiss’ (Deleted Stories)

A kiss that’s carved from marble at first seems eternal bliss, when our kisses, though bright as suns are brief as roman candles but what can hearts of marble feel?

The Lake full of stars (Deleted stories)

The lake was like a looking glass for twilight’s twinkle freckled face; over its surface showered past the shooting stars of deepest space. And mirroring their shining grace;

The Man In The Moon (Deleted stories)

Once, upon a moonlit night; when the stars were twinkling bright; sailing on a silver spoon, down came the man in the moon. He was looking for a queen and, from up above, had seen

Deleted Stories: Tomorrow, Tom Morrow

This was a kid's poem that I deleted some time ago but which I would like to re-post.

Deleted Stories: The Magic Heart

There never was a magnet that was like the magic heart, it could pull together objects placed a million miles apart; it could stick to any metal and, as if that’s not enough,

Deleted Stories: The Moon Is For Lovers

“Just a little further”, thought Tom

Deleted Stories: Jumio, Goddess Of Toys

Jumio loves toys because, you see, Jumio is the Goddess of Toys; she who first gave man the knowledge of toymaking.

Deleted Stories: The Terror Of Sanson

I've decided to re-post alot of the stories that I deleted earlier just because I like them and would like them to be available for people to read wether they get good comments or not.

The Tortoise & The Hare (deleted stories)

Couldn't really get it to scan properly so another one for my Deleted stories folder.

Tale Of The Weeping Virgin (deleted stories)

Another one deleted, (Because of one unecessarily snide comment - in my opinion anyway). Putting it in my Deleted Stories folder incase anyone wants to read it.

The Great Magician (Deleted Stories)

Then the whole universe seemed to smile

La Vie En Rose (Deleted stories)

Then, all at once, an indescribable, beautiful glow struck the lense of her left eye

The Gold Standard (Deleted Stories)

Then I saw the Angel of all nature; saw her garbed in an endless gown of blue; felt soft drifting wings and held her halo. Now, I’m certain my faith in her is true.

Remembrance Day – Part One (Deleted Stories)

A three-part story I submitted some time ago. I'm putting it in my deleted stories folder just incase anyone wants to read it.

Remembrance Day – Part Three (Deleted Stories)

With a sudden thud and loud clang, the metal door of the Mentists office flew open and Dr. Ill

Time flies on butterfly wings (Lyrics) (Deleted stories)

1st Verse: There’s a miser making money; piling up his shining gold but his world is never sunny and his heart is always cold. There’s a world beyond his window

The Paper Ghost (Deleted Stories)

Marquez held his hand up to the summer sun and felt its golden warmth against his skin. He was not dead, of that he was sure. And yet, in front of...

The Paper Heart (Deleted Stories)

Her pen pours forth a stem that grows into an ‘m’; no, not an ‘m’ , two arcs that join and make one mark. Meanwhile her teacher talks about the ‘joys...

The Shooting Star (Deleted stories)

Once upon a time, high up above the clouds, in the glittering heavens was a royal palace made of shining crystal and silver and gold; the palace of...

Once Upon A Springtime… (Deleted Stories)

Once upon a Springtime; long, long time ago, a wicked magician took a princess hostage and buried her in a golden casket in the forest saying, “And...

The Hundred Pound Note (with two alternate endings) (Deleted stories)

It was a Scottish hundred pound note, with Balmoral castle on one side and Lord Ilay on the other. As with many things Robert was slow to react when...

The Dominic Effect (A domino story) (Deleted stories)

Even little things can have big consequences. For example, once a very naughty little boy caused a great deal of trouble with only a single bar of...