The Amazing Adventures of Wonder Witch

Upon her broom she flies;
she zooms across the skies;
a super-sorceress
fighting crime with finesse.

With the tricks up her sleeve
she catches crooks and thieves.
If you’re a felon too
she’ll put a spell on you.

She’s Wonder Witch;
Wonder Witch;
no circumstances under which
she'll fail to save the day.
Wonder Witch is on her way.

She’s Wonder Witch;
Wonder Witch;
when villains plunder to get rich,
she shows them crime can't pay.
Wonder Witch is on her way.

Wonder Witch 4 – Part 2

It was late evening when Marjorie finally got back home.

Wonder Witch 9 – Uncle and The Ants

“Ants!”, screamed a pretty, blonde haired croupier as the little silver creature on the end of her elegant nose gazed up at her, waving its tiny ant antennas and snipping at the air with its mandi

Wonder Witch 1 – (A Saturday Morning Kid’s Show)

Based upon the Hanna-Barbera cutesy, cartoon super-heroes that I used to watch on Saturday mornings.

Wonder Witch 2 - Wonder Witch and The Lord of Misrule

The madly giggling man had a face like a white harlequin mask and wore a brightly coloured patchwork costume with a large, drooping cap and bells upon his head that jingled loudly as he walked or, rat

Wonder Witch 4 – Part 3

Then, though still kneeling, Marjorie wasn’t in her apartment anymore but in the lair of the creature; a bizarre sort of throne room that seemed to belong to all centuries and none; part stone age c

Wonder Witch 5 – The Ghost Of Lazarus House (Or The Origin of Wonder Witch)

It wasn’t hard to find, right at the top of the hill that locals called ‘Witch’s Hill’ in front of the local cemetery and standing in the shade of a large, spreading chestnut tree; a white gr

Wonder Witch 6 - It's a Wonder - Witch - iful Life!

“Wow-ee!”, said the Cat, its sapphire blue eyes flashing brightly with excitement

Wonder Witch 10 – Under Water Wonder Witch

“No problem, Wonder Witch”, was the friendly dolphin’s reply.

Wonder Witch 11: Wonder Witch and The Goddess of Crime

“What an amazing book”, she said, looking down at the picture on the dustjacket

Wonder Witch 4 – Part 1

“Oh my”, said Marjorie Morris aka the costumed, crime fighter Wonder Witch, sitting up in bed one Saturday morning and clutching her head with a worried expression on her face, “What a peculiar,

Wonder Witch 3 (IP) JULIA’s 30th

“Gee! Aunt Marge”, said Julia, raising an exotic looking cocktail to her lips , “It’s really neato, you taking me out to a sophisticated nightspot like this on my 30th birthday.

The Man In The Yellow Suit – A Wonder Witch Christmas Special

wrapping a pink scarf around her neck and putting on some pink ear-muffs under the broad brim of her pointy pink witches hat, Marjorie had mounted her magical flying broom