The Legend Of Weo

A seven-part fairy tale following the life of Weo of Amartham, a famous heroine of Kenglund, from birth through adolescence to maturity, until she finally comes face to face with her arch-nemesis, the evil Witch Queen, Klawhanna.

As Weo gets older, so does the subject matter of the stories. Earlier chapters are suitable for older children but later chapters, because of sex, violence or horror content are only suitable for teenagers and adults which is why I have given earlier chapters a PG rating and later chapters a 15 rating.


Part 3. The First Gift and The First Trial

And, after five years had passed, when Weo had grown into a pretty five-year old girl

6. The fourth gift, the black horror and the beating heart

Another five years came and went and Weo turned twenty and this was an important year of Weo’s life.

7. In The Lair Of The Witch Queen

Placing the box within a leather satchel, Weo put both hands upon the magic travelling bow and willed herself, quicker than the wind, back home to Amartham.

Part 1 : The Legend Of Weo

There are always lights in the night sky; always hopes in the world and Weo was one; Weo the warrix queen of old Kenglund; Weo; the strong arm of love; Weo, the valiant servant of Our Lady’s will.

Part 2. “The attacks upon the infant Weo” or “Homa’s Struggle.”

Unfortunately, so famous did the story of Homa and Weo become that it spread across the great, black Tieroga, that lies on the western coast of Kenglund.

Part 4. The Second Gift and The Second Trial

Five winters fell and, by her tenth birthday, Weo was the wisest wizard in all Kenglund.

Part 5. The third gift and the third trial

Now the third finger upon the third hand of life had stroked Weo with its transforming power so that, by the thumb year of that third hand, her fifteenth year; she was a most beautiful young maiden.