The Amazing Mr Meep

The adventures of a blue furry alien and his nearsighted landlady.

Mr Meep 4 – Mr Beep (Deleted stories)

All day long, Mr Meep had been up in his room, building something; banging and sawing and drilling and making the most terrible racket.

Mr Meep 2 - Mr Meep Goes To School

Attempt at a sequel. Hope it's okay.

Mr Meep 3 - Mr Meep’s Summer Holiday

“Welcome to Paradise; the holiday planet of your dreams”, said a smiley Robo holiday rep as Mr Meep and Doris Didcott came down the gangplank of a star-cruise liner together.
Gold cherry

The Amazing Mr Meep

There was something rather peculiar about her lodger, Mr Meep.

Mister Meep 5 - Wister Weep

Out of the bright, blue April sky came a frightening fleet of flying saucers; space fighters from the planet of the Weepons; strange furry creatures...