Ukraine 0-0 England; Macedonia 1-Scotland 2.

I had to drink a Christmas bottle of Baileys because I’ve had a bad stomach for about five days to keep me interested. It’s not a real drink, but I usually don’t bother with Internationals. Next Wednesday. A.C. Milan v Celtic. Home win. The real deal. Wish we had Anya and not James Forrest. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m blind. Maybe I’m drunk (but hey, it is Bailley’s, so think again.).

The games were fifteen minutes apart so I could watch both. I want England to lose. It’s nothing personal. They’re just too English. Lampard had a great chance at the end to clinch it for England. Nine times out of ten he scores. He’s that good. Scotland have got Championship players. Not even that. Celtic players. Neil Lennon keeps telling the Celtic support how good James Forest is. Against Belgium he was pish. Anya, who came on with ten minutes to go, done more in that time than Forest done in ninety minutes. Do managers think we are blind or stupid? Anya was everything Forest was not here. Dangerous. He went past full backs. He crossed the ball into dangerous areas and he scored a goal. Maloney got the other with a superb free kick. But let’s be honest. This was a glorified friendly. England are playing in the real deal. They’ve got two home game to qualify. Win both and it’s hallo Brazil. They drew, but that’s a good result. It was good to see Ricky Lambert, like Anya, a non-league player starting.  Despite the hundreds of millions spent on the likes of Rooney (was he injured?) I see that as a result.


Mi gusta tu estilo amigo.


I've not followed Ricky Lambert's progression, but I did read he had to work for a living before he broke into football. That suggests to me he played non-league before Bristol. Maybe I'm wrong. Then again I'm pretty sure England will qualify.


I know zilch about footie in fact I only get excited about it once every 4 years but England not qualifying, well I don't know! Mind you my Dad's Polish so I may follow the fortunes of Poland too if I follow any of it that is. The Poles are a good bunch. Small nation but they try hard. (Like somewhere else that is on the border with England.)    Elsie