Writing is a way of getting rid of shame

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Writing is a way of getting rid of shame

Just read this article about this beautiful man and it's confirmed what I've always wanted to write and how to try and do it. No need for research when a memoir's given artistic freedom.

Writing is a way of getting rid of shame

thanks for posting that link blighters - very interesting!


I've bought a trilogy of his, but it's on the big pile of unread books next to my bed.  Writing is definitely cathartic and healing though.


I read this in The Observer. I've not read Knausgarrd. Like Cannonette I've at least 20 books which I've started. The thought of reading him wearies me. But, as I keep saying, again and again and again, Harpie's diaries are and should be treated in the same way as works or art and revelation.  


I agree - Harpie's writing is some of the most incredibly honest work I've ever read.


I've just started 'A Death in the Family' and it's a wonderful opening.  He's a very intelligent writer.


I'm now half way and I'm less enamoured.  His teenage years were pretty humdrum and he's a miserable git!