Happiness is a warm keyboard=I live to and love to write


Time is non existent as I create this new world. I don’t even feel fatigue as the clock ticks off the early morning hours. I don’t know if anything I write is good - I only know that I am seeing the characters and writing their dialogue, and loving the flow of words.

I see the story unfold on the screen. I am alive and sooooo awake. It is as if time does not exist, It is 9pm…12pm…and into the wee hours in what seems like only seconds whenever I look up from the screen.

I know this is not good to do… to stave off sleep while chasing a story— but it is like dreaming while awake—and once in awhile it couldn’t hurt to stay up with the owls and let your thoughts have wings. We all need a little night magic now and then.

Thanks for listening. smiley

Here is link to my midnight writings: “Antediluvian Trouble” Chapter 7.




I know exactly what you mean. Waking dream, pursued along the page by a pair of hungry eyes.

I'm being squeezed like a tube of toothpaste at the moment so can only envy you. Back to those hours of business as soon as I can get there. Which isn't quite yet.

Bang bang shoot shoot.

Parson Thru

Thank you -- hope your toothpaste tube moments end and you are back to business.