I need some basic advice

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I need some basic advice

I just joined this website on Thursday, and I have a question.  According to the instructions, the "Body text (is) limited to 17200 characters (2500 words approx)".

The problem is that I have many works of writing, already posted on other websites, which are longer than 2500 words.  Is there some way to post them here?  I also have written many multi chapter stories.  I don't see how to post them here.

If I can only post a limited number of my works of writing, I may not spend too much time here on ABCtales.com.

I hope someone will give me some useful adivce concerning these questions.

Thank you.

Hello Billy - all you need to do is divide your work into parts and post them accordingly


Thank you.  I'm not sure if I like the idea of making arbitrary divisions in places in the narrative, where doing so would be very disruptive.  I'm still not sure that I want to continue using this website.

Thank you again.

Hey Billy, welcome to the site :) insert's essentially spelt it out...

However, I just wanted to add that you can also group your work in collections. You can do this by creating a collection when you go to submit a story.



Thank you:

This is a very difficult website to deal with.  I'll check out "Collections" and see if it's useful to me.  Thank you again.