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What to call it

If Scotland and possibly NI leave the UK on the back of the referendum result, what is the remaining country to be called?


Let's asked the populace, what could possibly go wrong?


Farewell Great Britain, adios UK, say hello Countrymccuntface

And leave they will - the Scots for sure - and who can blame them? I am devestated. We may well emigrate to Italy (if they'll have us). It feels like a member of my family has died. I don't even care if England lose to Iceland on Monday now - and for me that is one big deal. I am just gutted. Don't let anyone who voted 'Leave' near me.

I quite fancy the name Moronia.


DUK Dis-United Kingdom.


Land of the Swivel-Eyed Fruitcakes


FUK?  We're off to Iceland to live with trolls...

Another suggestion of read (from a Welsh friend) is Former UK England and Wales - FUK EW


Scotland leave ok great what most scots dream of but england as an independant country I reckon can deliver great things. .why not. English scots welsh irish people are much the same I think and will strive for the same mostly. Cause see the last scots inde vote I thought english folk were really almost scared of being an inde country themselfs. I think england would proper shine as an independant country oh bytheway im scottish but hey who knows were alll end up. The moon maybe.

The new order

A very blue monday

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