How to add a new collection?

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How to add a new collection?

Can anyone tell me how to add a new collection to my body of work?


Thank you,

'T. Imaan Tretchicovmanicova

If you click on 'Write', it should say underneath 'Start a Collection'. hope that works for you, let me know if not


It is not there. Thank you, `T. Imaan Tretchicovmanicova

I'm so sorry you're having problems again. Could you tell me in a bit more detail what isn't there? Perhaps you could email me a screenshot of what you can see when you click on  'write' which appears in the middle of the page below the red band with ABC? thanks!


'Start a collection' is not there. ->See ->

link isn't working


'Start a Collection' under 'Write' is not there.
I see: Write a story or poem. Write on your blog. Write a forum topic. Your content. Your account. Logout.

I don't know if it is of any help.
Mine says ' Create a collection' not 'Start a collection and the link works


How odd Luigi - I have clicked on that link several times and it still doesn't work for me. I wonder if it's something that only works if you already have an account with them?

I have a screenshot but can't seem to insert the image here. I will email it to you Tretchcovmanicova


I am confused now. Which is the link that doesn't work for you, Claudine? The link I was referring to is 


The link which doesn't work for me is the one posted by Tretchicovmanicova above - it takes me to a page which says 'blob not found' amongst other things. But if I've read Tretch's most recent post correctly, they have found the right page and all is well again smiley


ok - it appears your email isn't working as mine has been bounced back


Click 'Write' at top of window, click 'Create a collection.' Thank you, 'T. Imaan Tretchicovmanicova