Artlyst Art to Poetry Award

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Artlyst Art to Poetry Award

If anyone fancies writing some ekphrastic poetry - it does cost £7 for entry and £4 for

any additional entries. I quite like the idea and will have a go, not sure whether they will

be worth paying an entry fee for, but will post on here regardless. Anyway, I thought others might find

the process fun too whether they enter or not. So here is a link to the competition in case you are 

interested in that aspect of it:

This sounds right up my street. Great idea for poetry on abc tales.

Thanks for posting. I had to look up that word 'ekphrastic,' never heard of it before.


Oh good! :)


BTW I have just read the rules for this and you can't submit self-published work incl on websites, which I am assuming means pieces posted on here. So don't post if you want to enter. It can't also be a piece that you have put on any social media. Unless I read the rules wrong of course so read them yourself too in case I'm mistaken. :)