Story and Poem of the Week and Inspiration Point

We have had some brilliant things this week - please do read our ongoing prose series - esepcially Janus, Ugly Puggly,  Legend of the Pah and The Castle. I'm also trying out a new idea for the Inspiration Point so do have a go and let me know if you find it helpful

Anyway - Story of the Week is the first part of Kilb50's The Castle which is a fantastic read, and our Poem of the Week goes to Ewan for his wonderful All the Diamonds Raining (but do also check out TJW's Zero because if we did ties, that would be the one!)


Here's the Inspiration Point

And I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! smiley


haha.- no! Honestly sometimes it's incredibly hard to choose. I'm always glad when it's someone else's turn to do itsmiley