Secrets and Lies- The Academic Aristocrats

abc.jpgIn an Indian family living on the busy streets of Mumbai, conflict is being kept undercover as the children of a strict lawyer and his wife are emotionally pressurised to perform impeccably at school for the sake of social status. Laila, Saawan and Pavni are acting suave, but how long can this go on?
A story that encapsulates some of the heartbreaking but realistic problems that occur in Indian households worldwide.

Chapter Seven- Surprises Pondered

I suppose the issue was not so much the fact that there was a pregnancy test in the bathroom, but that the test in question was showing two distinct pink lines on it.

Chapter One- Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk

Before I even walked into my home that afternoon, I knew trouble was brewing.

Chapter Two- The Boy Who Would Not Wake

Later, we sat in the living room working through our piles of homework.

Chapter Three- The Emergency

I cannot remember how long I stood there by Saawan’s bed, shouting his name, then my mother’s, then Pavni’s, but I do know it was quite a while before I realised that Ma had left the house.

Chapter Four- The Punchline

The car ride home occurred in pin drop silence. Our parents in the front, expressionless. Saawan in the middle back seat, biting his nails.

Chapter Five- My Sister the Rebel

When I had nothing left, I stopped. I stopped and I cried until I didn’t have any tears left, either. Then I curled up under a tree and tried to sleep.

Chapter Six- My Changing World

Pavni ended up buying a bright orange dress hemmed with black roses.

Chapter Eight- Lightning at Dinner

In the light of my new discoveries, I tried to avoid my mother as much as possible.

Chapter Nine- My Big Mistake

After the incident at dinner, I was avoided by everyone. With Pa it was no different than any other time; Ma, however, seemed to have concluded that I was insane and delusional.

Chapter Ten- Nowhere to Go

When I was very young, I could not get through the day without an afternoon nap.