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Road deaths are at their lowest level since records began in 1926. Only 3000 people were killed last year. Brilliant!

That's ... actually quite impressive considering the probable exponential increase in the amount of traffic on the roads today.
Might be down to the high cost of fuel causing people to drive less... I doubt it though as most people will complain a lot but they're too lazy to walk :O)
When I was in Oxford some time ago I was walking past a bus stop and 3 teenagers were complaining about the bus service. They wanted to go about 3 stops!? I wanted to say haven't you heard of walking? I thought better of it as I might have been beaten to a pulp. Now I'm back in London I think nothing of walking from Gospel Oak into Leicester Sq. which is about 4 and a half to 5 miles. And I walk back which if my maths is correct is between 9 to 10 miles, and I'm a 61 year old fat git alky with dodgy knees.


Actually, what pisses me of most at the moment in regards to transport, is that on some bus routes, stops are so close together it takes the bus less than 10 seconds to travel between them. I mean come on, are e that lazy as a nation that we're unwilling to work more than a 100 meters to get to a bus stop?
I love my car. Having had to rely on public transport in the past. It sucks. And is vastly overpriced, especially trains.




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