Naming Characters?

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Naming Characters?

Hi again all :)

I have had some great feedback to previous posts on here so I thought I'd throw this question out there too.


For anyone who has ready my work so far, Children of Dawn, you will know that there are a collection of 8 characters which make up the Paladin, or the Original Gods. However I am really worried about the names I have chosen for them. So far, these are my ideas -


Wrath - Main character, he is known as the Third Original as that is where he ranks in strength. He is a very selfless king, always thankful for what he has but also terrified of losing all of it. Please note that this is not his true name. I have an idea for it but I can promise it will not change and I am keeping it a closely guarded secret, for spoiler reasons. Not even the other characters know his true name. He wears the name Wrath as a title to remind him of what he sacrificed to gain what he has.

Deitus - King of the Gods. Says it all really, he is a very proud and wise individual but has also allowed power to consume him somewhat.

Tristen - He is the 'Huntsman' of the Gods, with his weapon of choice being a Bow. A very powerful but also confrontational character.

Lilith - The female demonic sibling, typical demon I guess. Very attractive but also cunning and wildly blood thirsty.

Saederol - This Original is for simple terms, the Devil. The overruling force of Hell who kills for the sport of it.

Farrah - She is the only God who wears a concealed form. Normally, she takes on the form of a fun loving, innocent Child, who appears very wise for her age. She adores her subjects but is loyal to the commands of the God King.

Reaper - I am sure I don't need to explain this one. Similar to Wrath, Reaper is not his name, but a title that he wears. Planning on having him say something like "True death has no name." Just to reinforce that his name will never be known. Reaper has a very close relationship to Wrath, as they were brothers-in-arms directly during the Dawn War.

Hermes - This is the one I am most unsure about. I'd say that this is the God who resents others who are stronger than him. He would rather use his cunning than strength in battle. His intentions are his own and he is only loyal on the surface.


The list above also gives a hint into the characters themselves but this will naturally expand over time. If you have ideas which could bulk out the realism of the characters, please let me know. But mainly please let me know what you think of the names.


Thanks everyone! :D





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Chapter 3


I think the girls’ names are very appropriate and descriptive.  I don’t think there is much wrong with any of the others either.  The one I think most sounds wrong is Wrath, but you have given a reason for this.

If I was being picky I would say Tristen sounds too weak for his character as it is reminiscent of Tristram or Triston

Working on the principle that some words are considered pleasant yet similar sounding words can seem unpleasant as in Ermine and Vermin and also if one is aiming to have names that help to define the character then my suggestions for what they are worth, which is probably very little, but might start the ball rolling with other writers giving you better suggestions.  Here are mine:-  

Trystion Hunleash, Bowtryst Prowrest

Vermes Venemy  Venoblast Venerr  Venvermes

Sardistirol  Psaederol   Mazochrole

I am not qualified to give anyone advice so please accept these as suggestions only.

Good luck with this

Moya...I'm stuck with my name so I can appreciate naming characters is a minefield.


That's excellent feedback in my opinion.  


Thank you Scratch, 

You are too kind.



Hi both of you, sorry for the late reply, I have been busy this weekend. 

This is truly good advice but now I am trying to detach myself from the characters so I don't mind changing the names. 

Do you have any suggestions instead of Tristen?



Hi RJ,

Not at the moment but I will ponder and hopefully some others might offer suggestions in the meantime.