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I have 11 stories published in one collection on the site.
My stories have been read 9224 times and one story has been cherrypicked.

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From The Caster's Hut

Kitt, a young Taipe now entering his twelfth Summer, finds himself partaking in the sacred Selection process of his people, dictating his trade and purpose. Though when the quiet village of Cassel is visited by a mysterious sorcerer of magic, a Caster, Kitt must decide whether to honour the result of his Selection or to flee with the Caster as his ward. The Caster reveals that he is in search of an artifact only spoken of in myth and legend, one which could shelter the Honourable Lands from an imminent war. He warns that Kitt's destiny lies beyond the borders of Cassel, as since his birth he has been a pawn in a much grander scheme.

Children of Dawn - Chapter 3 - Welcome to the Show

A river of lights, ringing with the warm sound of laughter and cheering, poured in towards the centre of the capital. People know that it was a time...

Children of Dawn - Chapter 2 - To Worry and be Silent

Little more than a day had passed since the old farmer witnessed the strength and compassion of his King first hand. He knew that tonight would be...

Children of Dawn - Chapter 1 - The Sky Fires

“Next on the list we have…” the young woman hesitated as she checked her extensive list of appointments. “…Glen Bekoma, from the Daretma District.”...

Children of Dawn - Prologue

Prologue – From Ash This tale of light and dark does not begin as you might expect. In fact, darkness does not play its cards in this game until a...