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Two little questions

Hey ho! Two little questions please. Has anyone seen Tony Cook? I hope he's well. Say a big thank you to him for me. The site helped me through a bad time some years ago. Also, can anyone tell me how to upload an image? I'm an idiot.

Tony was at our last virtual reading night - he's fine!  Watch out for info about our next reading!

I assume you mean an image for the cover of your story, to appear at the head of  the story page, and on the 'Read' page of the site?  On the Create Story page, there is a button under the 'Cover' sign that says 'choose file'.  If you click on this, you can then choose an image from your computer and do your initial upload.  Once the details of the file appear in the 'choose file' space, you can then click 'upload' - and your image should appear.  If not, it may be because the file is too big - there are details of sizes permitted on the page - and a message will appear saying so.  When the image is uploaded, just press 'save' at the bottom of the page.  If you want to upload an image into the body of your text, you can copy a link via the buttons on the 'Write a Story' page.  Whichever, please can you ensure that you have the necessary permissions to use the image, with acknowledgment if necessary, or just something saying it's copyright free, or your own image.

Hope that makes sense!

Thanks so much airyfairy, and that makes perfect sense.

Tanya Jones