How to use this forum.

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How to use this forum.

Share writing, magazine, competition or performance news with your fellow ABCtales members.

If you have news of a new magazine, we want it! If there's a poetry or literature event coming up in your neck of the woods, share it!

A good play on at your local theatre? Tell the world!

Any news that you think might be of use to other writers, use this forum to share it.

Please give as much detail as possible so that the news is useful, with links to websites, contact details and dates.

Remember, to be of use people need to know the following things about an opportunity:

Where does it take place?

Who can be involved?

When will it happen?

How much does it cost?

Why will it be of interest to your fellow ABCtales members.

How can someone find out more, get in touch with the people organising it, get involved or pay for it?

Answer those questions and you can't go much wrong in providing information to help, encourage and support you fellow ABCtales members.


Mark Brown, Editor,