should you share your writing ideas/secrets !

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should you share your writing ideas/secrets !

Not that i have got any great ones, i dont think, although i like the one i am working on just now, ok damn, ill tell, writers and everything. I liek the idea of trying to write up the begining of ideas, projects which might transpire in to some thing in say 20-23 paragraph synopsis, could be shorter. Twenty odd seems about right, if you can get about this amount roughly sketching what the idea is about, youve probably got the backbone of novel novella film script ect. i think it might be a good way to work when you grab the intial idea and you juts want to get it down. time will only tell.

anyone else want to share

*group therapy*

I like to throw the most unlikely combinations of words together & see if I derive inspiration from them. I've also recently promised myself I'll learn a new word every... well it was 'day,' but now more like 'so often'... :-) * P * :-)
My advice on coming up with ideas: grab a pen and a piece of paper and just start putting down words that randomly come into your head whilst looking at objects, listening to music, watching tv, etc. Then try to bring together words that could appear in the same sentence. Draw spider diagrams and just brainstorm! It can be tough, but it can also be quite inspirational. :)
speed poems, its all about the speed poems. I very often write with mates. Have come to regret sharing things which I have seen in the street or on a bus, or whatever, that someone else has used in a poem and made much better than I could have done. swings in roundabouts though. Span
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