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Just been scanning thru Mark Brown's excellent sets of work, and was enjoying his 200 word vignettes, where i noticed he has a comments facility at the bottom of each piece. Can everyone activate that facility, and if so how?

Just above the preview/submit buttons there is a list, choose 'comment settings' and then change to read/write, then people can comment. But though i enable it, very few comments are added, probably becuase it is not consistent on all pieces. Juliet


I think they can - but I will get Mike Dixon to reply.
Ah - Juliet has already done it for me! She is, as so often, correct.
Thanks to Juliet and TC. xx Flashy
Hmmmmmmmm, all i can see is *Type of tale, genre and age rating,* i must be missing something... a brain probably!! I quite like comment boxes , pity more aren't using them.
it is definetly there on mine, a list in red: comment settings url path settings authoring information publishing options is it just eds that see this?? if so can it not be enabled automatically, otherwise not sure how it works or why it is there? this thread should be somewhere else to. Juliet


I don't have those options either. Must just be for editors. Personally, I think comments should be turned on by default... makes more sense than having to start a thread in the forum every time you want to say something about a piece. btw I started a thread on this topic on the ABCtales Noticeboard, but got no replies.
I will investigate!
Agree with John, that seems to be the tradition on most sites, e.g. youtube: comments go underneath the clip, vlog or video.
Wonderful though youtube is, I wouldn't exactly call it a good place to get intelligent and incisive criticism.


Well, it's the concept that's important here.
Well? Any chance of comment boxes everywhere? It's good sometimes, to be able to say something after reading a piece...


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