Which novel should I write

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Which novel should I write

I'm trying to decide which novel I should work on next. I've posted first chapters of five possible novels and would welcome views as to which you would like to see more of



The giraffe - go for the giraffe!
Glad you like the giraffe Tony. With comedy I really have no idea if my stories work, so it's very reassuring to get positive feedback.


I read the Man Under The Floorboards and thought, 'it has to be this one' - but anything that contains the line 'the smell of moist giraffe' has got to be a winner.
Many thanks for taking the time to read my various chapters Margharita. I'll have to find ways of inserting a line about moist giraffes in all of my novels.


I'll take the giraffes too. has the most potential of a longer tale- you can spin a lot after that beginning methinks ;) xxpia
Thanks for all your really helpful comments. I'm going to progress with midlife crisis and floorboards, as they're very different novels and for the time being at least I hope to be able to write both simultaneously. You're reactions have really helped shaped where I'm going to go with these. ALl I need to do is lay off the short stories for a while.


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