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Editing! Help!

I have written a story which I have posted but after  a long pause it starts again with a different version and i CAN'T DELETE IT.

I'll have a go at deleting the repetition if you like, but first I'll just double check which version needs to be deleted - the first or the second?


Hello Insert,

The top one is the one I want to keep but if you scroll down there's another repetition.  There might even be a third one.  When I highlighted it would not let me delete what I didn't want.  Thank you for coming to the rescue once again.



Hi Moya - that's hopefully all sorted now! Let me know if you need anything else


Hello Insert,

Thank you so much.  I'm not quite sure of what I'm doing yet but hopefully, it will come back again.  I should have waited until the morning before trying to post it.  Anyway, I'm sorry to cause you more work.



you're welcome Moya - it only took 30 seconds!


wish I could get editing help!


anytime you want Jack - you know my email