This David Doel (The Rational National) video contains interesting statistics about Israeli/Palestinian deaths since 2000

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This David Doel (The Rational National) video contains interesting statistics about Israeli/Palestinian deaths since 2000

Also here is a link to the website of B'Tselem (The Israeli human rights group who published the statistics shown in the video).


Israel bloody Israel. As an English Jew, the best I can do is to speak for myself and tell you what I feel. For over 40 years my feelings towards the Israeli government and the Israeli Army have been disgust and personal embarrassment. The last time I visited relatives in Israel was in 1977. It's a horrible country. Not only are Palestinians treated as third class citizens, Black Jews are treated as second class citizens. The country is very militaristic, a young man's days of National Sevice are seen as the best time in his life. Men who do not wish to kill others and risk getting killed themselves are seen as having mental health problems. Often they are sent to an army psychologist who asks them'what is wrong with you - are you a homosexual?' Strange question - armies in all countries have often attracted young gay men and lesbians simply because they wish to get away from home and meet friends of their own sex and have not thought through the implications of war.

The embarrassment kicks in because I when I tell many English leftists that I am a Jew I can pretty much see them thinking 'I bet she's a Zionist and if she's not I bet her family are.' I feel comfortable about criticising Israelis who are in postions of power. I don't feel comfy about taking the side of all Palestinians against all Israelis. A small handful of Jews do this and that's their choice but it's not mine.

The people with whom I have the least patience are often white English leftists. I see them as people who don't know a bloody thing and simply enjoy displaying all the correct views at the expense of others. Yeh - I'm a bitch, ain't Life a bitch sometimes!

There is a line in a Phil Ochs anti-racist song about Mississippi. It's reported speech and fits my frustrations ' the people in the North they don't understand us here.' True of too many places.

Bob Dylan has wise words too 'And how many deaths will it take till we know that too many people have died?'

Elsie I think israel needs to be quite militrastic because its under constant attack from empty headed murderers whom like killing there citixens. Maybe if these terrorist scumbags stopped the state of israel would become more liberal and open.

I am quite suprised considering your background you not understand this.

Stephen d