Soldier's Son by Robin Hobb

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Soldier's Son by Robin Hobb

Has anyone read it?

Has anyone read books they felt were really good about growing old?



Hello Di,

I've read this book and found it so exciting to read. It's been ages since I read it but had a great impact on me. I'll be tempted to buy it when the shops open, now you come to mention the book.



Thankyou for replying to this post Jenny. I like exciting books, too, will have to look up if I can find the one you mean :0) This Soldier's Son trilogy I did not find exciting at all, the books are slow, horrible and sad, but also very powerful, with incredible descriptions of nature. Lots of reviews say they are depressing, and I found that too, but also uplifting at the same time. I've never read anything like them, but not sure would recommend them. Thankyou again for replying. A much happier book I loved is Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge, have you read this?


I've not heard of that book.

Your second question is quite different, and my husband and I have both enjoyed and been stimulated by, recently a little readable, thought-provoking book entitled 'A good old age' by Derek Prime. It is written as short A to Z points, each stimulating..

The write-up on the website says 'Old age often gets a bad press. Associated with grumpiness, aches and pains, loneliness, and isolation it’s not something we particularly look forward to or relish when we’re there.

Pastor and Bible teacher, Derek Prime, himself in his 80s, shows us that there is another way to view old age. He guides us through 26 [as an 'A to Z'] Christian priorities that we should hold to in later life. With biblical wisdom and practical advice, he helps us to navigate the unique challenges and joys that old age can bring. This is a book to dip into, meditate on and read prayerfully as you let the truths it contains gently transform the way you live your old age.'

I remember when quite young being told that now was the time to prepare for not being an awkward old  person! Rhiannon


Thankyou very much for your suggestion Rhiannon, I was saying to my son today I hope I am not ghastly (or more ghastly anyway) when I am old :0) I will look it up before I am set in my ways


Hello again Di,

I haven't read Little White Horse. You know I think I have two sides to my personality, because I can really enjoy the darker stories as well as the lighter ones. I do enjoy fantasy even if it is scary at times. I know it isn't everyones cup of tea, but I'm always intrigued by mystery and magic. But I do enjoy the lighter reads too.

Thanks for asking.



I wonder why it is just about every time I am posting something to you Tina comes and sits on my hand or the keyboard? I think she is trying to stop me being ignorant. Fantasy is my favourite kind of reading, though I do like books which make me laugh very much too. I don't like dark or bleak or scary stuff, but stuck with Soldier's Son books because of how the author describes the natural world, and also she creates characters so you care about them. I read the Soldier's Son trilogy because of her earlier books, like the Rain Wild Chronicles (which I wish I could forget so I can read them again). Little White Horse has lots of gorgeous descriptions, too, but comes at nature from the opposite direction