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Name change

Hi there, I am but a little stupid woman. Can anyone help me please? I would like to change my user name to Ms Mere Cunt. How do I do it? Any advice welcome. Thanks in advance. Tan63.

Hello Tan. I don't think it's hard to change your name - just edit your account accordingly, BUT I'm sorry to say that I don't think that particular name would be possible - here's why:

Everything that appears on the general pages of our site has to be U rated, even the summaries of 18 rated pieces

eg - if you write an 18 rated poem, it appears with a summary on our main page. If the summary contains an 18 rated word, then we have to ask you to remove the word

So I don't see how you could use the word cunt as part of your username as that would always appear on every page

I am sorry, but I can't see a way round it! Feel free to email me if you need to clarify things:


Just call yourself Ms MC,  we know what it means.