extreme case of writer's block....

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extreme case of writer's block....

i haven't been able to write anything for ages... my most recent pieces are ones that i either forced out.. or that used to be work in progress so i worked off those... i can't seem to start anything new that i like... WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME.... i don't know what to do.....

My advice would be to read loads. It's always helpful to see what other people are writing and what ideas and perspectives they are coming up with. I also find that watching films helps get the brain ticking over.
The old classic, just sitting down and writing anything is, I find, a good'un - a diary entry, an opinion about something, a list of silly names, whatever - anything to get the old creative juices flowing, out of which hopefully will spring forth a fantastic idea for your next story/poem/novel. :-) * P * :-)
thank you so much for the advices... i'll try to work on them!!


Take a look at the Inspiration Point on the Front Page - it's changed each week and it's there for people who are in your position.
Or perhaps have a go at my 50-word challenge (in 'General Discussion')? Or something similar... Personally I find that setting yourself very strict boundaries, re word-count or whatever, can be a good springboard to creativity. :-) * P * :-)
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