Michael Jackson: The Great White Hope Returns.

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Michael Jackson: The Great White Hope Returns.

Yes unless you missed it the etiolated one is to sing and gyrate on a London stage soon. His 'people' promise some surprising guests; so stand by your phone Jarvis Cocker. Can anyone think of any other surprise artists he might dig up?

Edith Piaf? Isn't she the one regretting not having bought two pair of spectacles at Specsaver?


Elvis, James Brown, Jim Morrison.... Well you did say dig up. Craig
I bet we don't see his sister Janet... They are the SAME PERSON. I read it in one of Crackers' National Enquirer back-copies.

Gibbous House:  Ewan's First Novel
No Good Deed :  Ewan's Second Novel "the same as the first, a little bit louder and a little bit worse"


Hope he doesn't get his boobs out again, he nose we hate it!
I'm thinking of contacting Paddy Power's novelty bets department to see what odds they'll give me on him falling apart after a couple of nights and angry (and IMO delusional) fans having to get their tickets refunded. Those people who buy £500 tickets from touts will only get £50 back ... jude
The people who buy tickets at 50 and get in, will get less! S.P.C.M. (Society for the prevention of cruelty to monkeys)
Well I didn't think he'd be able to do it and it looks like I was right. jude
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