Heat 6 Inspiration Point

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Heat 6 Inspiration Point

Got you!

Of course, a Pentathlon only has 5 Heats.

Heat 6 is whatever you write next in the ongoing competition you are holding with yourself to become a better poet.

However many or few medal nominations you have received in this contest, remember that it is not the poet's job to be popular. It is about writing what cannot or would not otherwise be said.

You are part of the human race and it is a relay event. You have accepted the baton from those who ran the previous leg and your task is to pass it on to the next runner. Though you may not break the winning tape yourself, you are an integral part of the team.

Wow I was about to go mad! Thanks for the encouraging words. It's been a fun journey with the pentathlon- thanks !
And thanks from me too;-) You certainly had me going as well...and, may I say, a teensy bit disappointed that I hadn't got things wrong, and there was indeed no Heat 6. I have really enjoyed being a 'part of the team' and shall miss it.


I've really enjoyed it too, thanks very much for organising. I don't really consider myself a poet but it's been good to try and write something different. And some of the inspiration points have been great - the last lot particularly.
What fun! I have enjoyed this so much, and though I was bemused to see a Heat 6, I was happy too. I was all ready to re-name the competition, Sexpen. Teehee! Thanks for organizing. Max


Thanks! It has been great. The challenge and encouragement has been brilliant and although voting has been tricky, it's been fun. I must remember to stretch my hamstrings more thoroughly next time #limpingpoetcrossesfinishingline


I enjoyed every mind-blowing, sometimes painful but always challenging minute of it. Thank you for the opportunity to not only challenge myself but also to read some really great poetry. I have been blown away by the sheer quality and diversity of the entries. Linda


I'd very much like to thank the wilkybarkid for this competition. The whole process has been really enjoyable and being forced to write something has given me a good kick up the arse. My final tally of 3 out of five poems may sound rubbish but from that I have written two poems I am proud to put my name to. I have also watched with envy how some have created brilliance in response to the varied and interesting IPs. So I say three cheers for the poetry pentathlon and a round of "for he's a jolly good fellow" for the wilkybarkid.


I'd just like to say I wholeheartedly agree with the comments posted so far. For me it's been a great opportunity to explore and try out long-since neglected poetic forms and, as the competition has progressed, appreciate the sheer quality of the work. The judging has been just as difficult as the writing! So, many thanks to Wilky & Tony for a well thought-out, truly rewarding competition.


I've enjoyed it - thanks a lot.
I agree with all the above, it's been a great hook to get me writing and a learning curve. I especially enjoyed looking at all the inspiration point links. Thanks to the organisers! :)
I'd like to add my thanks to the 'kid' for having come up with the idea of the pentathlon and implemented it. The competition has been a revelation to me in two ways: the anonymity has eliminated any partisanship, which may occur when we read something by our favourite authors, and it has managed to puncture a few egos, including mine, when the pieces we've submitted don't get the ratings we expected. I thouroughly enjoyed the experience.


It was great to get such immediate feedback for the poems I submitted. I think it will definitely influence the way I write in the future. I've also enjoyed the inspiration links, some of which I was unfamiliar with. I'm disappointed that it's over!! Thank you to Wilkybarkid and the editor for taking the time to organise this :)
The voting was really tough, actually. I always ended up with a shortlist of more than three and so had to send some poems away empty handed when I felt they deserved recognition. Maybe I now understand a little of the pain the cherrypicking robot feels...
Much thanks for all the work, and the care in handling all the entries, and results, aswell as trying to inspire and challenge. Rhiannon