Where does the question mark go?

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Where does the question mark go?

I’m struggling with something. Let me see if I can narrow it down. How do you finish a sentence that in itself is a question, but has another question in the sentence?


Here’s my conundrum;


How on earth are you going to sprinkle ‘something special’ on that particular plate without someone saying, “Hang on, pal, what the hell do you think you’re doing?”?


Surely that can’t be right.

Get rid of the comma splice and use two discrete sentences is one way to do it Karl.  At least I think so.


I'm not sure you need any question marks at all


You're right insert.



Surely you need a question mark. You're asking a qestion. Two, actually.


(And, Scratch, thanks. I could write it differently)


Otto, thanks, I think your first example is the one I'll use. It has to remsain a question, because it's included within about four or five other questons.

Many thanks



Question mark inside quotation marks. the subject in each case is the universal you, and the writer is addressing a variant of the different questions to the same person (you).