How to get yourself published - the Unbound story

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How to get yourself published - the Unbound story

Hello other ABCtalers. You will have noticed that I have set sail in the choppy waters of crowd funding with Unbound. I am on day 10 and have managed to get pledges equivalent to 25% of my target. It sounds quite good but these pledges are really what could be described as 'low hanging fruit' my friends, family and a few other wonderful people. What comes now is the need to garner support from others and I really need your help with this.  

Like many of you - probably like all of you - all I have ever dreamed of is getting published - seeing my book sitting on the shelves of Waterstones between Amis and Auster. It was my ambition as a little boy when tough times (the early death of my father and disability of my mother, dyslexia, bullying at school) meant I had no right to have such an objective.

I became interested in the plight of abused children because of my own experiences and have been championing them for 30 years (despite ever dwindling government funding). The young boys in my book suffer impossible emotional and physical hardship but it was a journey (albeit a difficult one) I felt compelled to take with them. 

A sum equivalent to 25% of all money pledged for my book - Ex will go to Shooting Star Chase Children's Hospice – they are based near to where I live in Surrey and do incredible work – I hope to raise in excess of £1000 for them which should make a real difference.

Ex and the two other books by ABC authors are a trial run for Unbound. If ABCtales as a virtual community really get behind these books then Unbound and ABC will collaborate on more titles and you could be next. So please help me - pledge £10 - the cost of a couple of drinks in your local - prove to Unbound that we look after our own and that they can take the risk on other authors from our ranks. Just click on the link below or paste the link into your search engine. Please let your friends and network know and encourage them to help - I need 241 more pledges to get published and hit my fund raising target for the Hospice and as I say you could well be next.

Thank you all so much.

Laurie Avadis

Hello Lavadis,

I will definitely pledge £10 for your book and for Ewan too but at the moment a bit strapped for cash.  I have already supported Celtic and I promise I will do the same for you and for Ewan.  I wish you both luck with this crowd funding project.




thanks for that Moya.


You're  welcome.


You have every right to have such an objective. I wish you huge success and your charities are right up my street.