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please help

I read in the newspaper yesterday about this black gil who was raciallly abused for half an hour outtside her bedroom by a group of white males for half an.hour.

I think we should set up a crowd funding site for her to try r
Aise 5 k for a holiday for her.

I cant do this but would donate ten pounds

Any one. Else read this story and how bad it is

Could one of you set up.thhe crowd funding site please

Stephen d

It was in the newspapers yesterday. You must have read it. The english resistance is about english born people uniting regardless of colour. There are to many noon uk passport holders working in this country and this is breeding racism. What happened to that black girl in one of our universitys is disgracefull and we should crowd fund too send her on holiday.
English resistance is not about skin colour is about common sense. In london on building sites you cantt hear an english accent. The goverment should be training english people to do these jobs.

It is creating racism and idiots blame black people who are part of this couintry

Stephen d

I read that story and you're right, no-one should be made to feel unsafe where they live - poor girl. I also listened to the recording of the abuse which I hope will shock people and make them wonder how this can be allowed to happen in 2018 - it certainly shocked me, especially as I remember something very similar happening in the eighties. No-one, whatever/whoever they are should be treated like that.