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For some reason I'm not getting comments via email - anyone know why?  I'm sure I have ticked the appropriate box(es).

I've just ticked another box, so we'll see.  Surely if "all comments" box is ticked that should be okay?

it should be ok seashore. Is this a new thing in the past couple of days, or has it been going on for longer? Have you checked your spam filter?


Sorted insert - you were quite right, all gone to spam.  Never happened before. Thanks.

Where is the Spam Filter, since I too am having similar problems?

Richard L. Provencher

Richard it will be somewhere in your email program. Which do you use?


Richard, I had to go to laptop to find mine as I mostly use tablet where no spam folder. BT mail useless on the whole but behold a spam folder!

.. sometimes it's called junk too


Thank youy all -- I am seeking a solution to my computer's behaviour.

Richard L. Provencher

Bloody vikings!