Tom Holt's 'The Portable Door' for 99p!

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Tom Holt's 'The Portable Door' for 99p!

This may just be a local (i.e. Worcester) thing, but our branch of Ottakers is doing a promo on the above book - a brand spanking new book for 99p! Needless to say, I popped out & bought a copy...

Just thought I'd spread the knowledge!

*** pepsoid ***

My flatmate told me about this. He was disappointed when he realised that it wasn't Tom Sharpe. We live in London, so I imagine it's a national promotion. Is the book any good? Cheers, Mark Brown, Editor (on leave),


Haven't read it yet, I'm working my way through Stan Nicholl's 'Orcs.' I did read another one of Holt's, though, which I enjoyed - now what was it called...?? 'Falling Sideways'! - yes, that was it... :-) * P * :-)
99p in Aberdeen too. What solidarity. I'm enjoying it, but it is put-downable, some very funny lines and interesting concepts - like Scarlet O'Hara's birth certificate - but I'm only at the portable door now, bit risky the 'and then I woke up in my own bed' ploy, but it is entertaining enough to finish, but only bedtime reading I think. The language is more clever than the plot so far. Bit like Pratchett, which, if you're in the right mood, is no bad thing. H H


They do these 99p promos all the time. I bought this one too...and Patrick Gale's 'Rough Music' was 99p offering last spring. I figure what's to lose?
Indeed! 99p is cheaper than most charity shops these days... :-) * P * :-)
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