Lara Croft, a Llama & Lots of VCR's

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Lara Croft, a Llama & Lots of VCR's

Time to get your dream analysis heads on again, folks! (unless you don't want to, that is, in which case what are you doing in this thread? Go on, be off with you, y'scallywags!)

Where was I?

Oh yes¦

Last night I dreamt¦

My girlfriend and I were in a "real life simulation of a Tomb Raider game. We had played this "game numerous times before, so found it pretty easy and pretty much breezed through it, but then one of us (I think it was me) found a door (or something) to an area we hadn't seen before. We entered this area, and although we knew the simulation as a whole was many years old (decades, I think), this "new area appeared to be brand spanking new. The area seemed to consist of a corridor, off which were several sparsely filled rooms, the whole thing being quite brightly lit and having bright white paint on the walls (& floors & ceilings¦?). In each room were numerous items of "recording equipment ' VCR's, DVD wotsits, lots of wires, etc ' although none of it seemed to be plugged in or switched on¦ the items were scattered or just in a pile in one or two parts of each room. And then¦ an enormous llama appeared! (I mean the camel-like animal, not the Buddhist spiritual leader (because that would have only one "l)) It truly was the biggest llama I had ever seen (not that I have actually seen many llamas, but go with me on this¦). And it had a very human-like face. It was, I suppose, somewhat like a centaur, except¦ you know¦ with the body of a llama instead of a horse. Nothing really much happened after that.

Most odd.

I have played a few Tomb Raider games, but I don't recall any of them ever having enormous semi-human-headed llamas or whitewashed rooms full of recording equipment.

Any thoughts, dream gurus?

~ PEPS ~