Undeserved Cherries - an apology

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Undeserved Cherries - an apology

Please note this heartfelt apology.

Last night, when this wonderful site was in a state of, shall we say 'flux', I was visiting one of my stories (Gendarmes at Dawn), when I noticed an enticing Editor's Cherries button.

Never thinking it would work I pressed the button and, lo and behold, a pair of cherries appeared together with the 'congrats' message in my inbox at home.

I apologise for unwittingly taking advantage of the beleaguered site and would ask that someone takes the cherries away (I don't know who to contact).

Whereas I am overjoyed to receive 'real' cherries, I don't want to keep them under false pretences. I don't want to weaken what those delightful little red fruit stand for. So take them away please, they are undeserved.

Once again, I apologise for the error.

Regards, KJD

Wow, can I have one of those buttons, please? I'll buy it off you if you're selling.


The solution is simple, Kerry - sell the cherries for a tenner a pair. Or to the highest bidder. Or cherry pick some of my crappier pieces - now that's a better idea. I'll post three stories a day (all randomly copied and pasted from the Gratton catalogue) and I expect them all to be adorned with cherries so my profile looks like a cherry tree. Wahaay!
I think you should get to keep the cherries for being honest about it!


I was clicking on anything and everything to try to get the b/;x@y thing to work. The iPad nearly went through the window at one point, I gave up trying in the end. I hope the above hasn't happened to me.


Hi Sooz, They took the button away again. I tried to get it back, but they're not letting me play with it any more. Hi Walrus, You don't have any 'crappy' stories, so that's not a goer at all. Hi MalM, I was hoping someone might say that. Do you think I could swap it onto a story of mine I like better? I only play at poetry, that's another reason for owning up. I don't want to give poetry a bad name. Cherries for my poem - a likely story. Hi Scratch, I know what you mean. When my new friend (the site) went down I was bereft. I wondered what I was going to do for the rest of the evening - I did a bit of writing instead. Thanks all for your support KJD


I had exactly the same thought...What the hell am I going to do now?


I think you were very mean not to share the wealth while you had it.


Sorry Sooz, but I wouldn't wish the guilt-trip on you. I lay awake in my sleep-pit (sorry, my Wazeau story is seeping into the real-world) for hours last worried that I might have my abctales posting privileges taken away from me for cheating. And anyway, what do you want to cheat for? Your stuff is invariably great and you deserve all the cherries you regularly receive. Your friend, Kerry


Hear hear.


Happened to me too, but I didn't click the button , so no apologies required. (FTSE100, you're naughty)


Aw, thank you Kerry. Bex, you had the button and you didn't press it? Bex for supreme ruler with strength of character like that. I would have played my little heart out, there would have been cherries hanging from every story, poem and lampshade. I'd have printed cherries on the loo roll and put a cherry knocker on the site's front door. I could send you a Christmas Pressie, safe in the knowledge that you wouldn't open it before Christmas.


Christmas already! No, no, no. C'mon Sooz, you know better than that. All I have to say now is..... One, two, three.... BAH HUMBUG! KJD


Bexley, you showed far more restraint than I did. You old superstar you.... KJD


I'm just stupid I guess, Kerry. Sooz you are right about the chrissie present ..... unless it was bottle shaped.


Yeah, but if it was bottle shaped you could always say you felt compelled to open it in case it was milk, because you didn't want it to go off.
KJD I wish my new friend would go down on me.


Scratch, excuse me? Oh, I get it, you old dog you..... KJD


Remember the song, I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me? I'm not surprised, it would burn.....
Before my time W, I think my mum might have sung it to me though ;¬D KJD


Hey friendly ABC people! Does anyone know how to change our sign in name (is it even possible?). I've fallen out of love with mine and have thought of another that I could really love, given the chance. Help! Max


I think you'll have to email 'Administrator' or 'FTSE100'. They seem to be the guys in charge of the system. I'm not sure though. What's wrong with Miscelenea? By the way, if you change your name, nobody will know it's you. Is that what you're after? Best of luck. KJD


Thanks, Kerry. I'm fairly new on here, so it won't matter that nobody knows who I am, because they don't now. Teehee. Just thought of a more 'me' name that's all, but I hope I don't lose what I've already posted if I do change it? Max P.S. I think you should keep the cherries for all the laughs you've given me after your 'confession'.


Kerry, I just read on Yahoo (in that totally reliable news section), a girl auctioned off her 'cherry' for 500 grand. What'll you give for my cherries? ;-) Cash only, no cheques. Cheers Bex


If you haven't got 500 grand, Kerry, come and see the Godwalrus and I'll lend it to you. Of course I'll ask you to perform a service for the family some time in the future, but don't decline whatever you do or I'll have to send the boys round.....
I don't know what to say, here I am minding my own business and I get solicitations from strange girls (I hope Bex is a girl's name, otherwise it's starting to move into Sue Dinum territory), and threats from God! Please, take the Cherries back. I'll be a good boy, I'll never steal them again, honest. KJD


Now I don't know what to say .... a girl? Not last time I looked. :)


So why were you offering to sell me your cherry you naughty boy? Sorry mate, I thought Bex might be short for Rebecca? I'm a guy too, Kerry is a boy's name in Ireland..... Just goes to show how easy it is to get confused - eh? An as for you W, shame on you. You ought to know better at you age. KJD


You're welcome, Max/Maxi/Maxine/Maximillian/Maximus Dei...... Go on then, what's the new name going to be? Can't wait. Don't tell me - John Smith? ;¬)....., KJD


It's Maxine, Oh funny one! I say ONE, because I was about to say guy, and then realized that Kerry is also a girls name. Care to enlighten me! KJD, you shall be the first to know what my new name is should it happen....(:


I'm a guy - see yesterday's comment 18:15, ;¬). See me at: http://kjdfurnituredesign.yolasite.com/ I'll be checking in at head office asap. Cheers, KJD