I have two completed novels, but am unsure whichone to post first.

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I have two completed novels, but am unsure whichone to post first.

I have two completed novels but am unsure which one to begin posting here on ABCTales first.

1.  A Gatored Community.

Global warming has raised the sea level by 30 feet.  People live in floating communities which rise and fall with the tides.  In the floating community of Shellfish, Shoals, a woman pearl thief, becomes involved with the owner of an oyster farm where cultured pearls are produced, and an alligator is used for security.  In the meantime, she and her gang are planning to raid the facility.

2.  We the People Are Good to Eat.

In a fatally overpopulated future Earth, all that the people have to eat is each other, and they thank God for every meal.

In this world, keeping the population trimmed and the meat quota filled is every citizen’s responsibility.  Gladiator type combat games are now a high school team sport.  This is the students’ way of participating in both the population trimming and meat harvest.

A Cheerleader-Warrior Girl discovers that certain things in this world are not the way that everybody believes.  Then things begin to change.

I'm asking which of these tales, anybody who reads this would like to see posted first.  Obviously the one which receives the most requests, will be the first posted; unless nobody responds.

Thank you.


I see that 413 people have read my invitation, but none have said which book they'd like to see posted first.  So I've made the decision.  I have just posted the first 3 chapters of "We the People Are Good to Eat".  Everyone is now invited to read the chapters, and hopefully leave a review.  Thank you. 

Hi Billy. You'll usually find that if you post a few comments on others' writing they will more often than not reciprocate. I'll try to have a read and a comment of your work in the next few days.