Declining false ABC awards …

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Declining false ABC awards …

I don't know whether anyone else has experienced this. When I was posting my recent piece onto Poetry Monthly, I saved unpublished as I usually do to preview and check. I don't know what I did differently, but the preview came up with all possible awards at the top – red cherries, gold cherries, and book and story of the week, and also, I think possibly a monthly pick as well, but I was a bit dazzled and worried. I tried re-previewing, and probably resaving, but couldn't get rid of them, wondered whether just publishing it would see them vanish, or remain. I couldn't delete the piece either it seemed, so I closed ABC, and reopened and started again, with no such adornment. I checked that I hadn't now got 2 pieces on site, but didn't check whether as the title of my piece was still the same, I had gained a few extra supposed reads through the whole process.

Just thought it might be of interest to the techies!? Rhiannon

Oh that's interesting Rhiannon - it sounds as if you somehow became an editor for a moment (that's how the screen looks to someone with editor privileges on the site) -  I wonder how that happened? I will investigate and get back to you!


Rhiannon, your honesty is awesome. I would have helped myself to the whole goodie basketsmiley

I suspect, Elsie that they would have either disappeared on publication, or would have caused a great stir and been removed quite quickly! Rhiannon


Rhiannon is right Elsie (unless you sent us a carrier bagful of used fivers)

I've had a look into this Rhiannon and can't see why it might have happened. I think, as it righted itself instantly, we can put it down to a slip in the time/space continium, but if it occurs for longer (or even again!) please let me know via email and I'll bother the techies about it


It is true that when one previews a submission those symbols appear but they are static and  not functional to an ordinary reader.


Oh, you've had it too, have yo?  I thought it might have happened once before, but it doesn't usually when I preview. Some kind of 'crossed circuits' in some way, as Insert indicated, I suppose. Rhiannon


This did happen today when by mistake I previewed before saving at all. In the past, nothing happened when I used to try to do do that, so I save unpublished, then preview, check, then save published. Anyway, just interesting that previewing before saving did work now, but with the awards decorating temporarily!

I expect that this is what Luigi finds happens. Rhiannon


how strange!


Nothing to worry about. Every time a posting is previewed prior to being published those icons are shown but they are not 'clickable', in other words only the editors can apply them.