Some think a Syrian conflict might escalate into World War 3...

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Some think a Syrian conflict might escalate into World War 3...

If so, is it worth it?

Even if Assad is proven guilty of the horrific and barbaric act of using chemical weapons, is it worth possibly starting a third world war?

My point is, when we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan we were fighting a weaker opponent but Russia is not a weaker opponent. Does it make any sense to rush into a military conflict with a country that can actually fight back?

Theresa May is strutting about like Churchill now but history may remember her as "that awful woman who dragged the world into World War 3". We have no way of knowing what the long term consequences of this might be.

Lets not forget also that Russia is a nuclear power.

Considering the enormity of the possible consequences of what Theresa May is proposing doesn't it merit a little caution? Doesn't such a massive decision deserve a vote in parliament, at least?

Or perhaps I am worrying too much.

Not WW3 I hope but why the hell is England going into Syria? We don't own it. Destroying more of a country that is battered to bits will not make a bad situation better.

Whatever their reason for bombing Syria, now it seems like, if you were part of the Windrush generation; here legally and by invitation, your worst enemy is our Tory government.

Not that I approve of Theresa May's "Go Home" vans because she forgets that many illegal immigrants are fleeing terrible lives that I wouldn't want to send them back to. (Not to mention there are illegal immigrants who seriously want to contribute to British society, pay taxes, harm no one and lead normal productive lives although thats a harder case to make to right wingers). Telling all illegal immigrants, indescriminately, without knowing their individual circumstances to "Go Home" is just wrong. 

Everyone must vote the Tories out!