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Does one eat or drink soup? My least favourite is celery soup, it makes me gag.

I think one 'slurps' soup. But celery makes my teeth itch.
"I say Watson, do you eat or drink soup?" Holmes ejaculated over breakfast one morning. I folded the 'London Daily News' and studied him carefully. "Holmes, it depends on your point of view. I would say that if the soup is in a bowl, then I would eat the soup. If the soup was in a mug such as may be given any night of the week at the Salvation Army chapel on Bean Street, then it would be drunk." Holmes paused to drink his cup of coffee. Then he picked up the pot and splashed some coffee into a breakfast bowl in front of him. Seizing a spoon he began to sup the coffee directly from the bowl. "Now I am eating coffee, Watson," he said.




Ejaculate over your breakfast!? Blech!


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