Boycott Richard and Judy

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Boycott Richard and Judy

Richard and Judy were, on their influential, much-watched show today, spouting the most horrid, right-wing, made-up Facts and Figures crap about immigration and the country going to the 'dogs' that I will never watch them again.

When my book gets put on their book club (which, let's face it is BOUND to happen) I will either a) refuse or b) accept and then take my live appearance as a chance to strip them (verbally) on National TV.

The thing I hate the most about right wing nonsense like that is that it is often spouted by people who are DOING VERY WELL THANK YOU VERY MUCH in the system they are so complaining about it.

Richard actually said, 'So many of Them are criminals. That's what gets people.'

What, like shoplifters, eh Richard?

The thing that gets me is that so many people watch it. Richard and Judy just got their stupid stories from the feckin Daily Mail, and spouted it as truth, and fact and I could just CRY.

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Saw the same thing, and had the same reaction. An absolute disgrace.
easy. I've never watched it. I hate the bastards...and they hate each other too. I can't bare to watch them advertise their can just feel the hatred between them..emanating from the screen....she's a bitch....he's a womanising poofter head

There's nothing more mind-teasing than the incomprehensible eagerly avowed -

I happened upon it today because there was a boring footy match on 5. I realised why I don't watch it normally. You know she likes a drop don't you? Watch the shaking hands. A reprehensible couple and show. I switched off the tele and watched the colouration change on the bruise resulting from my hernia op..


didn't see it (and wouldn't have even if I hadn't been at work). Was it related to todays leaked government memo of just a random tirade?


I'm glad two of Britain's most hated and hateful institutions have finally got it together.
Ahh, but they spout their horrid, right-wing, made-up crap with such charm and wit, don't you think...? ~PEPS~ “You do not truly know someone until you fight them.”
I think it's always best to respond to a negative with a positive. On this basis, I suggest we start a positive campaign to get Richard deported. I mean, if you allow these people out in the community, they're just going to commit more crime.
I didn't see it but would have been furious too. And I'm no fan of their book club either... there goes my career lol.
So are we all going to write in? Those letters do get logged and if enough people do it then things have been known to change!
Maybe they should have had Kilroy on as a special guest. That would have given the facts and figures some credibility. "...and then take my live appearance as a chance to strip them (verbally) on National TV." Thanks for being so specific there, Fergal. I'm really glad you did that.
We should write in. We should. We should demand that they have the debate again with actualy real immigrants/assylum seekers - we should demand they learn the difference between illegal immigrants, immigrants, assylum seekers, failed assylum seekers etc. They didn't. They lumped everyone together and forgot that, as a country, we make more money from immigrants than they ever take away. Quote, 'Why can't we have indiginous plumbers?' I mean, WHAT are they chatting about. I really really cannot stomach the perpetrated idea of groups of 'immigrants' swarming about the country commiting crimes and taking all 'our' hard earned cash. My grandfather worries about it precisiely because of the papers and people like Richard and Judy. I asked him, 'When was the last time you were intimidated by a group of illegal immigrants Gramps?' and he just looked at me. I don't think it's his fault. It's a fear sold to him and thousands like him by a press that is just concerned with abc results and cash revenue from advertising. Grrrr. It's the nonhumanism about it... the idea of groups of people different from oneself who are 'the other' and who have no feelings, emotions, sense of suffering, or pride, or whatever... but just 'take advantage'... I would HATE to think of anyone like that. It makes me thik of that Catherine Tate sketch where there is a safe haven for Gingers, and the police women doensn't want to go inside with 'them'. (close to my own heart).. that's about as random as all this stuff is, and I am still angry today with Richard and Judy to be so ill-informed and to not get a balanced view. So yeah, let's write in. and campaign to have Richard deported, as bukharin said. (did anyone see him playing Paul McCartney's guitar? ha ha.)
Well, I emailed them some standard mutterings. Takes two minutes, max: Richard&
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