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Competition Results

Have I missed something?  I'm thinking of the competition that was supposed to post the winners on 16th June.  I've looked several times and can't see anyone named as the winner for either prose or poetry.  Is there a problem or have I got things wrong?


There seems to be some lack of communication on this subject, Moya.



Indeed there is Luigi.  Time will tell!



Hi all,

I am sorry for the delay - I meant to write something about it on Monday but got distracted in the run-up to our get-together Wednesday.

I did anticipate having results for you on Monday, but our Judge at Granta has asked for more time to reread all the submissions. He's really enjoyed a lot of the work and is having a bit of difficulty choosing which pieces to single out (always a struggle when quality is so high and the range of style and subject so diverse) but he's said we will have the results and his comments by Wednesday next week at the absolute latest.

Apologies for the delay!