Ex - have a look at my short promo film

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Ex - have a look at my short promo film

The wonderful Oliver 'my son' Breckon has finished his work on my promo film and the link is below. 

Thanks again to the big man himself - King Hal who plays Ex and to my nephew Sam and his wonderful lady partner Caroline. 

My role in this film is on the cutting room floor which is bloody typical.


Wow!  Looks totally genuine and as if a pro made it.


I clicked on this super fast Lavadis. I thought it said "Have a look at my short porno film"

Wow, eat your heart out Tarrantino!

Now hurry up with that launch party, I'm gagging for a beer!


LMFAO Jolono!


Thanks Scratch and Jolono  - you are both obviously going to be in the actual feature film. I had in mind that you could play the roles of the two leading sheep which are catapulted at the Thames Flood Barrier from the giant floating potato.

I would expect method acting so you would have to grow your hair a bit. 

I suppose. 


No need to sell it to me Lavadis, you had me at "leading sheep"....


Everything is good for me but growing the hair might be difficult...