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I probably already know the answer to this question but I need to hear it from someone else ... from the point of competitions or submissions elsewhere that state 'only unpublished work please' does work here and on similar sites constitute publication?  I think so but ... ?

Wot? All those reads and no opinions? Really?


I don't think it does Ashbee, but to be on the safe side, what others tend to do is remove pieces temporarily if they're submitted elsewhere


Thank you, that's interesting. And thank you for replying...


I've just found one request for submission that said ... not even on a personal blog ... so I suppose the answer is one of personal interpretation of the rules.  


Usually the answer is 'yes' published anywhere means published. Yet some poetry forums are 'private' and your work does not show up in a search engine. One way I make sure (before I submit) is to do my own google search, a line, the title, your name, and see what comes up.

Best I can do - sorry:)

Pops ~xx~

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Thank you, it's good to have other views. I hadn't thought about googling but I'll certainly bear it in mindsmiley


If you ask the editor in advance of your submission, they will tell you. Best not to assume. It varies all over and it would be horrid to win something and then find its ineligible.


Ooooh, that would be awful! I think you're right, best to get it from the horses mouth...


The related issue is at what point does a heavily edited and improved (hopefully) story/poem become a different story/poem from the one published on the site. I've often found that in order to fit the word count of a publication I've had to cut the word count 20-30%, generally tighten up, edit and update the story, perhaps change the title and character names to fit the demographics of the publication, rewrite the all-important opening and closing paragraphs, perhaps even submit it under an alias (you won't see the name Terrence Oblong oustide this site).