The Heatwave of 2018

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The Heatwave of 2018

Much as I love the summer, I am unable to cope with this year's heatwave.  Never mind staying out of the sun during the hottest times of the day, the nights are equally humid and I cannot sleep, although I open all my windows and leave my swivel fan on.  I am at my wit's end and don't know what to do.

Hi Prettypolly, I know exactly how you feel. Luckily me and my partner are retired. I feel so sorry for those that have to work in this weather.

I keep a cold wet flannel beside my bed at night, wiping my face and body down does help. Also getting up and sitting outside in the garden at night gives me a break from the heat.

I do hope you manage to find some way of keeping cool.



I feel grateful that it's not as bad here as in some places, with the dreadful fires in Greece and a national emergency in Japan.  But yes, it is horrible at night.   There just doesn't seem a breath of air anywhere.  No ideas for remedies - I have a cold shower before I go to bed but that's of limited benefit.  I like Jenny's idea of a night time trip into the garden, for those of us who have one!

Youll all be complaining come december. I think is psedeo british thing.

Stephen d


Sorry im trying to stop the double posting and manage my cognitive bits better but words can play on my mind sometimes


Not psudeo british

I like

Britishcentric better. Thats what I wanted to say. 26 degrees in london today how I wish it was cold and cloudy


Stephen d

Pretty Polly what you could do is move to Iceland, it's called that for a reason, and they have a pretty good football team too. Or move to California. No that's not as daft an idea as it sounds. My elder sister who's very old, was here back in 2002 and it was summertime and about 70f.  She was dabbing herself down with a towel constantly and said "my, god, I'd forgotten how humid England is in the heat." She said "90f in California is nothing, it's dry heat and you don't sweat so much." So unless you move or buy a decent air conditioning system which isn't cheap, then you'll have to suffer like the rest of us.