Any advice from writers on preparation for my Bachelor of Writing next year?

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Any advice from writers on preparation for my Bachelor of Writing next year?

I start studying my 3 year degree for Writing next year and i wondered if anyone had any advice on ways to prepare for not only a first time Uni student but for the degree...?

Hmm... I don't know if I'm especially qualified to give advice but I do have a degree in English. It was supposed to be a degree in English and Literature, but through a clerical error they gave me English and Writing, which works well as I've always been a writer. Try to minimize any work you do on the side; Scholarship takes a lot of attention and energy. Don't be afraid to make yourself noticed, or even to state viewpoints which might be slightly controversial(assuming you've thought them through.) Professors are interested in scholarship, and like a student who can do more than absorb. When you speak in class, speak loudly so everyone can hear clearly. Always turn something in roughly matching the description of the assignment. The object is not perfection or brilliance, but consistency and the ability to rise to a challenge. There will probably be at least one major-related class that is just devilish hard; It's meant to weed people out. Just study and study(coffee, goingko, and fish-oil tablets.) Don't let it beat you. Some say to sit in front of the class. There are advantage, but I recommend the side and back of the room. It gives you a full view of all the other students, which is interesting for a wide array of reasons. Also, it allows you to look at the girls without being obvious. And ramble through the library, going to sections that interest you with nothing particular in mind. It's amazing what you'll find just by picking intriguing titles. Hmm... when it comes to writing itself, I can't say enough for revision. It's the rare piece of writing that can't be improved through revision, some days after the process of creation.
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seannelson I do like your advice. The Bachelor of Writing is a new thing specific to Canberra Uni. Usually people would study a bachelor of Communication Writing and publishing but now they are doing specific writing degree's, and obviously I jumped at the opportunity. Being a pacifist ex Aussie soldier anti war explosive specialist I do have some fairly controversial ideas... and I always enjoyed a good debate. I think I will be a pig in mud. My biggest fear is the coup de grace of the hardest class, or trying to not let it be. I have a prediliction for certain authors and I need to start moving outside that comfort zone more and trying out new ones as you mentioned. I am looking forward to Uni girls, I won't lie... If i sit at the front there may be less risk of I think I like your idea better... I am wondering if there are any good source books for general writing tips, essay advice etc? I haven't been in a school environment for a long time and this site has been the first chance I have had to get some feedback on some of my writing. I did also quit my job & sold my expensive car and bought a cheaper car that is good on mileage... Preparing for my cold student winters so to speak:P
Remember to eat properly; even the most creative of brains can't survive on an empty stomach.
Enjoy it and remember writers write.


Read everything you can - the good, the bad and the ugly. And write every day.
I think there's a lot to Tony's first comment; When we read quality stuff, our mind naturally absorbs the form, the info, and the technique. I don't PERSONALLY subscribe to his second proscription, at least not at this stage. I live my life: observe, think, exercise, mate, etc., and then the inspiration hits me like a force, and I throw myself into the writing. And by the time I'm done, I often have a polished piece of some quality. But then, I've been writing and posting prolifically for years so it's kind of a minute point. For what they're worth, here are some tips on writing. 1.) Don't let any teacher weigh you down with a bunch of rules, "musts," or formulas. These help the beginners and the dim-witted learn to go through the motions of intellectualism and creativity. But taken too seriously, they hinder a writer's progress. 2.) Cultivate a good vocabulary, but when faced with a choice between a high-brow word and a well-known one, only go with the high-brow if there's an important distinction in meaning. 3.) Save your work constantly. E-mail it to yourself also(you can.) Computers were designed by vengeful gorillas; Just when you've done something really good, the machine freezes and E=MC2 is quite lost. 4.) Learn to be a bit reclusive if you haven't already; Writing requires time alone. And it's worth it, even if you miss out on a few parties and beauties. Of course, don't carry this too far; One does have a civic duty to socialize and prevent beautiful women from being too cold or lonely. And good luck, man! It sounds like you have some experiences the world really ought to hear about. And, oddly enough, most intelligent people still go to low-tech books. Movies are the cutting-edge technology but it's still the age of the great book(they make a movie version anyway sooner or later.)
"If I send you post-cards from the side of the road: photographs of movies, and hearts about to implode"  -  Elliott Smith
1. if something you read doesn't work, think about WHY that is. 2. Go everywhere- the supermarket, lectures, the SU bar- with ears flapping and eyes open. ,Learn to observe people discreetly. Ideas are everywhere. 3. Find people you can bounce ideas off- sometimes that helps get a story going if you're stuck. 4. Tell yourself you're already a writer. Often. And don't be put off by tutor's comments. They CAN be wrong sometimes. 5. Be open to everything; movies, books, music, dramas, art installations, documentries on at silly o'clock in the morning. If something angers, intrigues, uplits, saddens or excites you, run with it. Hope this helpsxx
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