Need a beta reader, where to I find one?

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Need a beta reader, where to I find one?

Hi all

I was looking for a beta reader. I want to re-write the start of my novel as I am starting to think it doesn't do as much for the rest of the novel as it could. I suppose I'm hoping for some feedback as to what works and what doesn't to set me up for deciding how many words to remove from the start! My novel is an action/adventure/thriller. Of course if the beta readers are happy to read a whole 100.000 words that would be super, but I'm not sure if they do?

So where is the best place to look for beta readers? I heard Goodreads is a good place, but I'm not sure about that.

Thanks, Justin. (all that work and I'm the only one who has seen it)


Hi Justin - - I write political thrillers based on actual times and events.  I have 24 chapters here, EBOLOWA.  The first 10-15,000 words are crucial in the genre as I'm sure you know.  I am happy to look at the opening for you if that's any use.  I started out a bit ago and used to attend a weekly writers group.  You could see if there was one near you - - again, if you've done 100K then I'm sure you've looked around already - - anyhow, let me know - - I'm not sure of the mechanics of it but the site was very helpful and efficient when i got hit with a glitch - - - simon

I put it on Kindle now, but feedback is something lacking for sure.

Justin Tuijl

You already took the plunge Justin! Too late to offer anything on the way of comment. I would've been more interested in something open-ended.  Feedback at this stage is more difficult.  But What's the Kindle title?

Burning Wolfhound. Oh the content on Kindle is easy to change. I am going to start another novel soon.

Justin Tuijl