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I have 56 stories published in 8 collections on the site.
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I don't like to read my own work, the more I do the worse it gets. I'm not the strongest reader either. Dyslexia doesn't help. I've written 100s of poems, several novels, several shorts and a bunch of articles, non-fiction. Written my autobiography about 3 times. My poems are usually confessional style poems though I dabble (badly) with surreal/beat style. I've lost most of what I wrote pre-2011

On returning to ABC I find there are stories of mine still on here but not editable by me. Not a bad thing as I have a habit of deleting my stuff online. However, I am able to add them to collections, which I have done. So on my profile there are collections of my fiction, poems, non-fiction.

I may add some articles. However, since 2020 my political views changed a lot. Most of the articles and a lot of new content has a political edge. It also means some of the more political of my old content, I no longer beleive in, it's a little embarrasing even.

I've decided not to delete anymore content or delete my profile again.

I did have a lot published on my website but decided to close the website as a publishing platfom. My books can be got at Amazon (99p), Smashwords (free), & Books2Read (free)

Only novels sell. Short story collections and poem collections are hopeless. Even novels are slow, even for free. The market is saturated. Out of interest, here is an article I found about the state of publsihing: https://ideas.bkconnection.com/10-awful-truths-about-publishing

So, writing for pleasure then!

Oh, I have a BA in Professional and Creative Writing and an MA in Novel Writing.

My stories

No shit Sherlock

No shit Sherlock, find an easy way, Sherlock, mist in the valley, legal way, break your bank, Sherlock, molock, lockness, lock up your daughters,...

India travelogue 1996 part 2

Then to Lucknow to see the old British residency. Beginning place of the 'Indian Revolution' a spooky ruin. The cannon ball shelled gateway and all...

India travelogue 1996 part 1

This covers my second visit to India 1995/6 (6 months over Xmas) the first visit was 1994/5 over Xmas. You can read about that visit on me website...

Accessibility has nothing to do with you?

Written 2015 edited 2024 Comment on disabilities and access. Accessibility has nothing to do with you? Nobody asks to be disabled but accessibility...

Rejected by a computer

Rejected by a computer I wrote this back in 2014 edited 2024 A worrying trend of late is when applying for a online job that you get rejected by the...


2 of my comments have received 2 Great Feedback votes

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The house in this poem was

Posted on Sat, 23 Dec 2023

The house in this poem was knocked down, I passed it often and saw the roof collapse more each day. Finally they simply knocked it flat with a bulldozer. Behind where I live here, in the disamce there is the remains of a house, roofless.

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Ok, Pixabay isn't reliable,

Posted on Tue, 19 Dec 2023

Ok, Pixabay isn't reliable, where I get all the images, ooops

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