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I have 135 stories published in 11 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 27822 times and 16 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Justin Tuijl

I was born in Nottingham, then moved away before I was 1. Since lived all over. Asia, South America, Thetford. I now live in an old church in the Scottish Highlands. It is falling down. Sometimes I wear a kilt. www.lochcarronchurch.com

I studied creative writing at university in 2015/18

I write in various genres.

I have a novel on Amazon, am working on three more.

Like to write short stories.

At the moment all my poems are confessional or avant-garde.

I'm dyslexic.

If there is a shortening of my works here I am willing to share a link for the full texts for people who are interested and hopefully give feedback.

Find free writing at my website:

My stories


High Princess (part2)

Marlin was on a mission. His quick magical wizard steps echoed down in the deep caverns of the palace. His cloak was, he thought, flapping all...

High Princess (part1)

Sally sat in a coffee shop in Woolwich, London. It was her favourite time of day, when the place was empty mid-morning. She sipped at her coffee and...
Gold cherry

Rattle Ghost - a re-telling of Rumpelstiltskin

Sunday night. Luci stared at the blank Word document; she had been staring at it for hours it seemed. She went into the kitchen and got the pot from...

The Sofa

Gladys sat down on the sofa with her shopping bags all around her. “Bloody cold out there,” she said. “That it is mum,” said Beryl. “At least we got...

black fryday

black friday burn your pancakes burn the cocks scramble the brains let’s eat more than we can see let’s see if you’ll get more than you deserve...