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I have 164 stories published in 14 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 33622 times and 25 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Justin Tuijl

I was born in Nottingham, then moved away before I was 1. Since lived all over. Asia, South America, Thetford. I now live in an old church in the Scottish Highlands. It is falling down. Sometimes I wear a kilt. www

I studied creative writing at
university in 2015/

I write in various genres.

I have a novel on Amazon, am working on three more.

Like to write short stories and a bit of non-fiction.

At the moment all my poems are confessional or avant-garde.

I'm dyslexic.

If there is a shortening of my works
here I
am willing to share a link for the full texts for people who are interested and hopefully give feedback.

Find free writing at my website:

My stories

Feeda (a prose poem)

Cat Pass me your cup, and look at this Picasso I have. No, this is just where nature didn’t meet up with industrial waste. I wonder where the next...

No food in England; no food in Asia; knowing what it is to starve

When you have been starving it is something you do not forget. Most people never have this. I could empathise with Oliver: “please sir can I have...

Trying to commit virtual suicide while grappling with living in student halls

“Ahhgggghhh!! “Fucking do it! “No! No! Leave me alone! “Get off me! Thump, bang crash! “Not fair! Not fair! “Win one game, why is that so hard? Every...

the loch is close

the loch water is close tonight right up to the golf course we look out the windows and compare notes about how high it is i go outside and stare at...

No ghosts here

My grandad’s house – I went there so many times in real life and so many times in my dreams. Then it was remarkable, that pebble dashed ex-council...