Trumpton and the fall of America.

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Trumpton and the fall of America.

The satirists had been saying it for years, no-one could be as bad a leader of the Western world than Donald Trump, yet here we are.In a world where the man who cannot run a casino is in carge of the western world.
The issue is one that I find hard to wrap my head around. Over the last few months, in a bid to fight my ongoing depression,  I have been working on a novella called Nazi-zombies, that I have posted extacts on this website. (not the complete text) I followed this up with Nazi zombies two the rise of the Dump where a zanzi zombie gets to run America. I did it because I genuinely thought that our own lunatic leader (a man who ran away) was bad enough.  Yet it seems to me that America has to outdo the UK in electing utter idiots. You couldn't make this shit up even if you wanted to. 
The world now is on an economic precipice. I would say worse than the depression of the 1930's.The way out of that is investment,not privatisation, this was seen clearly in FDR'snew deal, which managed to get people into  the mind set of working again. Donald Trump, a man, who, it has to be noted has failed at even making a casino pay, now has at his disposal the American Government's bank at his disposal. Not only that, he has the support of a majority in the house of representatives.
Doesn't anyone find this even a little bit disturbing?
I am sitting here numbed by this. Many papers and news feeds are stating that the left as an ideology is waning, but does that mean the people have to go to the right to solve their private problems and their economic solutions? No surely not, and yet, here we are, living in the sadow of Trumpton, where the mayor will grab any pussy he likes and will shoot windy (Gomez) millar in the back of the head.  
I believe the implications for this election result are enormous. The world has hit, in my opinion, a new dark age; and it is our children, and their children whom will reap the fruit of this tragic turn of events. 


Stephen d

I understand that only too well 


I agree. It takes a while for things to happen. But...

Usually, when reviewing a book you stick in something that spoke to you. Something that resonates. Perhaps even to show the agnostics that you have read the book. On a day when Donald J Trump becomes the forty-fifth President of the United States I was struck by a passage featuring one of the protagonists that the book follows (based I guess on the diaries he left), Joseph’s elder cousin by four years, Antonio who had fought for Italy and France in the First World War, and whom a younger Joseph lived and worked for briefly in Paris, before moving further from his homeland to America. Here Antonio, an avowed Fascist living and working in a Paris not yet occupied by the Germans, takes stock of the Duce, Mussolini,  whom he privately thinks has done some good things and can’t really do any great harm (and we know what happened next) and his thoughts mirror my own about Trump’s possible trajectory.

Antonio saw Mussolini as a man with more bark than bite, an egotist with perhaps a neurotic need to gain other people’s attention, yet he thought the Duce could be reasoned with, must be reasoned with, before he embraced Hitler as his strongest ally. Mussolini was a dictator, but Antonio believed, only a dictator could have restored order in Italy during the strike-ridden 1920s.

Blackshirts and black armbands. I’ll wear the latter, a day of mourning for the election of Donald J Trump and the belief that he can make America great again. I’m in mourning for the world I knew.      


Yes  Mussolini was a man with more bark than bite. I think the history books have summed him up well. Having said that  I don't think that he wanted a war  in Europe, but because there were (albeit rather thin) similarities between both facsism and Nazism (both are on the far right of the political spectrum  and have little to offer the average citizen, but support the elite of their society claiming that wealth equates to the survival of the fittest) it is hard to see how thing had turned out, if, say, Hitler had won the war. 
Asan aside what text are you reading? I sounds interesting.
The there is another issue. one that I need to sort out myself and perhaps, through asking questions find some solace. That is the issue of the word fascsm itself.  Its interesting to note that academics actually don't have a clear definition of fascism as there is no clear manifesto. Unlike communism which has a clear manifesto by Marx that sets down clear political lines.
3rd way economics (a fascist economic policy) is a good example of what I am thinking about; as this has some clear goals that are positive. It underlines form of public/private ownership of companies, so that part of the company is owned by the government, which would support the citizen in employment, while the other privately owned half would work on research and development. So there is some meritin some fascist ideas. HOWEVER the notions of racism, elitism, persecution of the mentally ill and the infirm, which comes with a government of hate,(which is what a fascist goverement is about. The problem lies with this race or that group)  is not one that rests comfortbly wth me. My grandfather was a card carrying communist up and until Stalin became all that he despised. His brother was in the union of fascists, so you can see it was a politically charged househld, which I grew up in. I know he would have been saddened by this result because though Trump is not a military fascist, he is on the side of corporate America. which on the whole is on the right of the political divide. 

I don't equate Trump to Hitler though. Yes in my mad rant of a text Trump is Hiter, but in the world we live in, he is more associated with Mussolini who was a real crook 


Well, Clinton won the popular vote so her supporters could make a case for electoral reform; do away with electoral colleges and replace them with something that more accurately represents the will of the people.


I think that would be  a better Idea. I genuinely am baffled by the electoral collage system.I woud have preferred a form of proportional representaion here (the UK)at the last election. it certainly is puzzling that the person with the overall majority does not win the election because of an electoral college system. I have already had many rebuffals over Trump. Yet the man does not have a good record on balancing books.  unless they are cooked that is. 


I'm looking forward to the 2032 Presidential run off between Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton.

Or perhaps not...


hahahahaha  lol that would be something 


Of course all of this will be trumped (har de har) by global warming. Large swathes of humanity will be wiped out, this will bring about the end of capitalism as it exists now. We'll be killing each other for the last turnip in the field.


Although, when you factor in that the internet is drenched with conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton (The Clinton Body Count) and that a vast number of Americans believe conspiracy theories more than mainstream media, perhaps its not really surprising that Clinton lost. Conspiracy Theorists like Alex Jones did Trumps mudslinging for him. Furthermore Wikileaks is a grey area because some things they leak are confirmed to be genuine so if there are extreme things on Wikileaks about the Clintons people are likely to believe them.


Stephen d