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Recently there was a program about Edward Thomas on the radio. I'd not read any of his stuff before, and if I'd not happened to have the radio on then, I might never have known how inspiring I would find hs writing. I know people on here are so much more widely read than I am, so

if you could recommend one favourite poet who has been inspirational to you, who would it be?

Or, the most influencial (on your writing) poem you have read?

Favourite living poet, Tom Leonard, favouritve sequence poems of his 'ghostie men' and 'nora's place.'

Thankyou so much, Elsie! I have not heard of him, so will look him up.

How did the poetry slam go?


Bad topic Di. It was on Sunday March 18 in Teignmouth. But it got cancelled because of snow.

I love the old poets, but especially like reading Dylan Thomas, the way he brings to life the everyday people he meets. Funnily enough I don't read much at the moment as I tend to find it puts me off writing my own stuff and I don't want to be influenced.

I thought this was a good subject to bring up though.